Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tian Xi

Tian Xi is a Chinese restaurant situated in Senayan City shopping mall, and this restaurant is run by the same management like The Red Duck Restaurant in FX..

The place was a typical Chinese restaurant, spacious yet comfy dining area..

Simple and modern interior style..

The food here is quite various, they have some dim sum selections, single dish menu, and also complimentary dishes.. But that nite I was not really in the mood for dim sum..

But E was curious with this Otak-otak Fried Cheong Fun with XO Sauce (16K) from their dim sum selections.. It's a pan fried cheong fun filled with otak-otak and topped with fried salty fish.. Otak-otak is like a fish cake with a mix of spices.. Actually the dish came out pretty well, the otak-otak was a bit spicy and fragrant..

Not to forget the greens.. We ordered Belacan Water Spinach - Kangkung Terasi (35K), water spinach stir-fried with a shrimp paste/belacan.. It was a slightly spicy, pungent, and fragrant, the water spinach was also crunchy and fresh..

Hmm What is this? Haha it looks nice yaa.. It's a Tian Xi Fried Tofu (42K), a homemade tofu bowl stuffed with stirred seafood and braised in starch thickened oyster sauce.. I think this is one of their special menu, and the dish has a unique appearance..

Open up and see a generous ingredients inside the tofu bowl.. It's a stirred mix seafood and mushroom and carrot.. The tofu has a very smooth texture, and the seafood inside was nicely stir-fried and fresh.. Definitely, the best dish of the dinner this time..

We also shared Sliced Beef and Fish Congee (45K) and of course what's best to match it with is a Fried Cruller/Cakwe (5K).. The congee was boiled till soft and fine, the beef and fish was cooked with congee gives a sweet and flavorsome dish..

All in all, we had a nice dinner in Tian Xi.. Tian Xi restaurant serves a decent range of dim sum and Chinese foods for fairly decent price.. It's good to try..

Tian Xi
Senayan City, LG Floor #06-08
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot. 19
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 72781532

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