Sunday, February 21, 2010

WARAKU Japanese Casual Dining

We were walking around in Grand Indonesia and found this newly opened Japanese restaurant Waraku.. Watching how people streamed in this restaurant, we couldn't help it but curious..

Attractive food replicas display in front of the restaurant.. Really makes me droll.. ^_^

The interior is casual and it gives a warm & friendly ambiance here..

The other side of restaurant..

There is a wide array of Japanese foods here, So many different dishes to sample..

So what we ordered here..

We got Potato Mochi Cheese (33K).. The name itself tempted us to try, you can taste the cheese in every bite of deep-fried potato.. It had a delicious crispy outside but the inside remained moist and chewy, tasted nice but the only fall back is too oily..

Tonpei-yaki (29.8K), stir-fried sliced beef with shredded Japanese white cabbage covered in soft golden omelette and dressed in generous okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.. It's a mix of subtle sweetness and saltiness, and the portions was enough for sharing..

What a generous filling.. Mixed all shredded fresh cabbage with all ingredients.. Nyum nyum..

And decided to try the large potion of Mapo Tofu Udon (57.8K).. Mmm the aroma was absolutely captivating.. The bowl is real big, though the noodles only filled half of it, but it quite fulfilling dish..

It was not spicy enough for me so just put a dash of chili powder to boost the taste..

Feel satisfied with our first visit and still curious to try their other dishes.. So here it is, our second visit..

We started with Dashimaki (22.8K), it's a thick tamagoyaki or Japanese type omelette.. It had a soft texture which blended in the saltiness and sweetness of dashi stock..

That nite we decided to order two types udon dish in small portion..

E ordered Hotate Cream Udon (57K), a creamy soup udon with hotate (scallops).. I gave it a few sips.. Mmm the cream cheese sauce is light but it's very cheesy & tasty and the succulent scallops are also fresh..

We savoured every thick chewy stand of udon covered with a luscious creamy cheese sauce.. Yummy..

As for me, I ordered Tori Tamagotoji Udon (38.8K), the thick and smooth udon noodles comes with eggs poured in clear soup.. Ever so ordinary looking, the soup was pleasant.. The ingredients were simple but fresh..

And it was a comforting slurp for me..

This Waraku restaurant is different from Pasta de Waraku.. If you looking for regular Japanese cuisines this Waraku is the best choice, but if you like a fusion Italian-Japanese cuisines go with Pasta de Waraku.. Yup there are still a few dishes on the menu like okonomiyaki and takoyaki which we want to try, but unfortunately they run out of stock that nite.. So maybe on our next visit hehe.. We've been to this place for two times and we don't mind going back again..^_^

WARAKU Japanese Casual Dining
Grand Indonesia - Sky Bridge 3A Floor FD 1-10
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Tel. (62 21) 23581188

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Cara Liss said...

Contrary to you, I had the worst experience dining in Waraku.

I ordered Salmon Don (I forgot the real name, but basically it's a small bowl of sushi rice with salmon slices on top). I can't recall the price, but I remember it was quite pricey compared to other established japanese restaurants.

When my Salmon Don came, the salmon slices were only 4 slices and they are SOOOOOO thin that when you lift the salmon slice you can see through it. and it was SOOOO small, only half the slice of the usual salmon sashimi.

I ended up staring at my bowl and took a picture of the salmon don and not eating it. Because I was so amazed on how a restaurant in Grand Indonesia dare to publicly rip their customers off like that.

Tried to talk to the management, but apparently they are new and hasn't even trained to talk well.

I left the restaurant without touching my food. And vowed to never step on that restaurant ever again. ha ha.

I'm just sharing my bad experience. Hope they have improved since then.