Sunday, December 21, 2008


Dessert time now… Ragusa Italian Ice Cream, quite a well-known oldies ice creams stall in Jakarta since 1932 and still exist today. Most people visit Ragusa Stall to bring up their childhood memories.

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ this idiom suits for this old-fashioned ice cream stall. From its old-fashioned place you will not have an idea how good their ice cream tasted. Ragusa ice cream seemed comparable to nowadays ice cream. The founders of Ragusa Ice Cream store were Italians, they create their ice cream from good quality Australian milk, so no wonder their price is slightly higher for just an ice cream. But still, its worth to try.

First we ordered their best seller Spaghetti Ice Cream. Hmm weird? Is not spaghetti pasta, is a vanilla ice cream in spaghetti shaped sprinkled with chopped nuts, mixed dry fruits, and chocolate sauce.

Spaghetti Ice Cream

Next is a typical Banana Split, three flavors of ice cream; vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate served with slices banana, chocolate sauce, and sprinkled with chopped nuts and mixed dry fruits.

Banana Split

Tutti Fruity Ice Cream, served in sliced ice cream.

Tutty Fruity

Nougat Ice Cream sprinkled with nougat.


Lastly for chocolate lover, Chocolate Ice Cream with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with chopped nuts.


With an old ancient building located at Central Jakarta, and the oldies interior you can experience old Jakarta ambiance. My fren said we can also enjoy several typical Indonesian foods and tidbits there. Sadly we visited Ragusa at nite so we run out of it, next time we'll get there earlier. For the price Ragusa Ice Creams go from Rp.7.000 to Rp.21.000

Ragusa - Italian Ice Cream
Jl. Veteran I no.10

Central Jakarta 10110

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crystal Jade La Mian

I was craving for La Mian (Hand-Pulled Noodle) lately, so we headed up to Crystal Jade La Mian @ Grand Indonesia. Not only La Mian you can find here, they also serve Dimsum and Shanghai Delicacies.

Their cute and unique dinnerware.

The moment you are seated, they serve you this Peanut (5K). Its not a compliment..

Jasmine Chinese Tea (10K)

I ordered La Mian Soup with Prawn Dumplings (40K). Looked like an ordinary noodle soup, surprisingly the noodles were springy, the soup was clear yet rich and not overly salty. Served with five prawn dumplings which are fresh and big enough, the broth here is reasonably good and the dumplings are tasty. This is still worth a try.

Hot and Sour Soup La Mian (38K) for E, we found this soup quite appetizing with the thick and flavourful hot and sour soup.

I love this Chicken Xiao Long Bao (18K)! Picking up a dumpling, placing it onto porcelain spoon, then using chopsticks to poke a little hole in the skin of dumpling to let the soup flow out onto the spoon. We ordered one steamer of five dumplings, its wise, the skin was perfectly textured, each dumpling held a generous amount of delicious soup.

Overall, it is a modern style restaurant with a rich and diverse menu. Great food with great ambience...

Crystal Jade La Mian
Grand Indonesia Unit WM-LG-01

Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 23580748

Friday, December 05, 2008


Pan-O.. Another pancake stall opened @ Jakarta, seems pancake stall has became a trend since pancake is very popular nowadays. Pan-O just opened recently @ FX and their other branch @ Pacific Place. So on Saturday we tried Pan-O @ FX.

The interior... Cozy and comfortable.. nice place to hang out with family and friends to enjoy some good food...

Their elegant menu book shows they very creative with their foods like Pannekoek Nachos, Pancake Burger, and Russian style pancake. They very unique in serving pancake. Sooo many to choose from that you get spoilt with choices not knowing which one to pick hehe..

Strawberry Nut

E tried their sweet pancake – Strawberry Nut (38K), came with three stacks of medium pancakes sprinkled with chopped nuts and powder sugar served with vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce on top and also dished up with peanut butter. And maple syrup to pour over pancakes. The pancake had a fluffy interior, it went perfectly with the peanut butter and fresh cut strawberries.

New York

And I tried something new here, their savoury crepes - New York (50K), came with one pan fried dory fish fillet topped with tomato sauce and two veggies crepe wraps, served with mashed potato topped with gravy sauce and salads as side dishes.

For the drink E just ordered Ice Tea (15K) and Hot Chamomile Tea (15K) for me.

Plaza FX, F1 No. 08-09
Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Pintu 1 Senayan
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 25554250