Thursday, December 31, 2009

Prive Bakery & Cafe

Oops, it's 31th Dec already!! Is it too late to say Merry X'mas and Happy Holiday peeps? I'm sorry, I just got back from my trip to Singapore.. But I think it's better late than never rite? hehe.. So Merry X'mas and Happy New Year yaa, hope you have a wonderful X'mas holiday.. Let's back to our trip, here's our first food reports there (^_^)v..

Our first stop was this nice cafe in Marina at Keppel Bay, Prive Cafe located on the ground level of the Marina facing the waterfront, and has a fantastic view with overlook the beautiful yachts and breeze..

Keppel Bay is a waterfront area in Singapore near to Harbourfront and Vivo City.. It's a perfect getaway for boat lovers.. It's a nice spot where you can experience an "out of Singapore city feel".. We just fell in love with this place instantaneously!

The bright and spacious interior seating area in modern style with some X'mas decorations, this cafe really has a nice spot to enjoy the view and relax on Marina edge..

The Prive Bakery & Cafe serves some selections of breads, sandwiches, soups, salads, waffles, cakes, desserts, coffee and fresh juices.. And we're here just to grab a small bites..

E ordered Iced Cappucino (SGD 6.00), the coffee tasted quite strong and nice blended with the milk..

My Fresh Fruit Juice (SGD 8.00), we can mix the fruit we want.. I opted apple and orange, it's really refreshing.. They didn't put any sugar on it..

And for the sweet treat, we try one of their cake selections.. The waiter recommended this Sliced Carrot Cake (SGD 6.80).. I never tasted the carrot cake before, carrot is a vegetable how come it can be used in sweet cake? Hmm I'm so curious..

Oh my.. this cake was huge! Let's dig in and find what's inside.. There are a walnut, shredded carrots, cinnamon, and cream cheese spread over the cake.. The cake was really moist and has a soft & dense texture.. The creamy cream cheese frosting was really smooth, it's a nice combination with the cake itself..

The price here is really expensive if you convert to Rupiah, I think we pay more for the nice ambiance here hehe.. Now how do we get there? It's better for you to just grab taxi from Vivo City, and ask the driver to Marina @ Keppel Bay.. It's not far from there..

Prive Bakery & Cafe
2 Keppel Bay Vista
Marina @ Keppel Bay, Ground Floor
Tel. (65) 67760777

Monday, December 28, 2009

FJ Brasserie [Closed]

It's almost a year since our last visit to FJ Brasserie.. FJ Brasserie is not a formal restaurant but a casual sort of restaurant.. And as I remembered they only serve Italian foods, but now I notice some Asian foods in their menu..

Although it's been so long since our last visit, but the decor remained roughly the same, which is clean, white, minimalist with some simple chandeliers..

The tables are spaced well apart so there is much privacy which make this place ideal for romantic dinner..

After browsing through the menu, we decided to share one homemade pasta and one pizza..

Although it's only several selections of pizza, but it make us confused to choose between Cajun Sausage or Pepperoni one.. Luckily, the waiter said we can combine those two flavors in one pizza with the same price..

Yeaahh so we got this Mixed Cajun Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza (76K), cajun sausage on the left side and pepperoni on the right.. These two flavors are nice, but I really love their cajun sausage.. And the pizza base also thin and soft, perfecto!

Next, we opted Cannelloni (81K), a stuffed chicken and mushroom in cannelloni shell served with white sauce and delicate tomato sauce..

They're generous with the filling and the homemade cannelloni shell was thin.. This really a great combination of tomato sauce, white sauce, and cheese.. Mmm yummy..

Well, I enjoyed the dinner and very satisfied with the foods.. Although the price may be on the high side, but it's worthed for me since they have a real good Italian foods here..

FJ Brasserie
Menara Rajawali, Ground Floor
Jl. Mega Kuningan Lot #5-1
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 5761601

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Brussels Spring

There are so many good places to eat in Bandung, and everytime I visit Bandung there's always has another new restaurant sets up and open up for business.. It attracts me to visit..

Our next stop in Bandung was Brussels Spring situated in Sumatra Street.. It's a nice place to hang out in Bandung..I've been curious to this place since our last visit to Bandung, and now my curiosity was paid off..

Check out their menu, the food varies from the small bites food like sliced cakes..

Waffles and pancakes.. We like their menu, which has colorful pictures hehe..

Ice Cream.. They not only served the sweet dishes, they also served the main course like pasta, steak, fried rice, and many more..

Simple and minimalist indoor dining area.. Or you prefer to seat outside..

Nice place, we seated in their balcony.. A good spot to enjoy the Bandung fresh air..

Surely, we ordered their specialty here.. Waffles.. We tried the savory waffles, Milanesse Cheese Waffle (35K), crispy waffle topped with minced meat, spinach, mozzarella cheese, and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.. It's so cheesyyy.. Yummy!! The waffle was crispy outside but soft inside.. the topping also a perfect match with the waffle.

And had their Coccain (17.5K).. Haha relax peeps it's not a cocaine as an illegal drug in a real meaning, Coccain in here is a suckao.. "Suckao" compound of two words 'suck' and 'cocoa' , its a small thick & smooth hot chocolate drink.. The suckao serves in a suckao cup with a tea light candle pot and also comes with a special spoon which at the end of the spoon serves as straw, you can sip your chocolate from it..

This is a DIY (Do It Yourself) drink, so you prepare, decide the proportion of chocolate vs milk suit to your liking, and drink it.. You can choose what chocolate you like; dark, white, or milk one.. We went for the dark one.. Mmm this is a must for chocolate lover..

The two dishes we ordered above are their recommended menu, and all of them turn out to be delicate.. Brussels Spring is a nice place to enjoy small bites or main course with a cozy place at affordable price in Bandung.. We heard from the waiter that they will open their branch in Jakarta soon.. Waa can't wait to visit it to try their other menus..

Brussels Spring
Jl. Sumatra No. 30
Tel. (62 22) 4264104

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Macau Chejian

Wandered around Grand Indonesia, this new restaurant Macau Chejian attracts us to try.. As the name goes, they are selling Macau's local cuisine..

Let's find out what they got..

They have an interesting menu, the pictures really make you drool..

The spacious place with modern design.. Cozy, comfortable, yet stylist..

Hot Lemon Tea (12K) and Ice Tea (10K)

E ordered Macau Baked Rice in Seasonal Sauce - Chicken (40K), a cooked rice stirred with chicken chunks, then baked in jacket of three kinds of sauce; macau, tomato, and cheese.. This is a typical Macau dish..

The rice was very nice, the macau sauce tasted a bit like curry mixed with the cheese and tomato but not too spicy.. A great dish with a wonderful combination..

And I had this "Macau-Style" Spicy HK Noodle (46K), Hongkong noodle topped with minced spicy chicken.. The noodle was a bit soggy for my liking.. The portion was moderate but accommodating..

Overall the dinner was alright, nothing over the top but not too disappointing..

Macau Chejian
Grand Indonesia - West Mall 3A Fl. Unit ED1-1
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 23580844

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Warung Kopi Purnama

Old and classic, it reminds you in the old times sipping a good cup of hot tea or coffee and munching your favorite toast.. Yum..yum.. Who says old-style food is not nice?

Here's what we got when we're in our short trip to Bandung.. The first stop in Bandung, we began with having a light breakfast in this old-style coffee shop/kopitiam, Warung Kopi Purnama - Purnama Coffee Stall..

Stepping into this coffee stall, make me feel like if I've traveled backwards in time.. The owner has retained the stall original antique furniture.. The place is far from modern concept, with wood panel style building..

The place served a variety of drinks and old-style breads with various toppings as their main menu, but you also can find heavier meal like fried rice and some local foods from various street vendors outside the stall..

Since we were too early that day, we only can find this one Kembang Tahu (Bean curd Soup) street vendor.. Ok we gave it a try, Kembang Tahu - Bean curd Soup (6K).. The texture was not really soft but we really liked the ginger soup, it's good to warm up your stomach..

Need something sweet in the morning, we ordered Roti Srikaya - Srikaya Jam Bread (9K).. This old-style bread was so soft and fluffy, but i think it wasn't a toast bread, it spread with homemade srikaya/coconut milk jam.. I think they made it using palm sugar.. Tasted soo delicate

Not only tasted the sweet bread but we tried the savory one, Roti Dadar Ham - Egg and Ham Bread (13.5K), it's just an omelette egg with pork ham on it.. Although it was just an ordinary foods but it still pleases me.. It sure did bring back my childhood memories

Warung Kopi Purnama
Jl. Alkateri No 22

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shanghai Blue 1920

Searching for some local 'Baba-Nyonya' (Peranakan) Cuisine in Jakarta? Not only a local taste, Shanghai Blue which owned by Tugu Group also offer a fine cuisine combined with a cozy place..

I was struck by this ambiance, its unique and romantic accompanied with a Jazz music performance every weekend.. The interior is just stunning..

When I stepped into the restaurant, the ambiance was enhanced with the lightly dimmed lighting and the arrangements of the antique & unique furniture really made the exquisite 'Baba and Nyonya' style interior..

There is some old pictures hanged on the red contrast wall, which gave you a feel of nostalgic.. All antique arts here is the owner private collection..

The menu also wrote in old Indonesian spelling, and you'll be surprised with the unique dish names they've created it..

A unique pot of Hot Jasmine Tea (20K), this kind of pot really hard to find here yaa..

Hot Lemon Tea (22K)

Let's go with the foods..

For the appetizer, we ordered Kuotie Tiga Macam - Three Flavors Fried Dumplings (28K), deep fried dumplings with three variants filling; vegetables, chicken, and beef.. But we asked only for the chicken and beef.. It's tasty and delicate, nice starter..

Still with the appetizer, we got Tahu Tabur Teri - Tofu with Anchovies (29K), deep fried battered soft tofu topped with sauteed veggies and anchovies.. The tofu was really soft..

For the next course, we had Burung Dara Goreng - Fried Pigeons (58K).. I didn't taste it coz I don't like pigeons, but others said the pigeon was fried too dry for their liking..

Tjwiemei Tugu - (39K) is a Malangnese style of chicken noodle.. It's a homemade noodle with lettuce topped with minced chicken, fried wonton, and boiled egg.. Its quite similar to ordinary chicken noodle, but tjwiemie (cwie mie) style is drier.. Not bad..

And Tahu Telor Dowager - Dowager Egg Tofu (40K).. I didn't expect this dish came out like ordinary fried tofu, but guess what its turned out to be the best dish that nite.. Everyone loved it..

To sum up my experience I must say that the dinner at Shanghai Blue was just great.. The foods is excellent, the service is fine too, but surely the price here is on the high side.. But the most important thing is that we were happy with the ambiance here.. Definitely a good place to dine in for fine 'Baba-Nyonya' fusion cuisine.. Worth a try for sure!!

Shanghai Blue 1920
Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya No. 77-79
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 3918690/3920384

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

Being a La Mian (pulled noodle) and Xiao Long Bao (steamed bun) fans, I was excited to try Nan Xiang Restaurant which is the most famous Xiao Long Bao eatery from Shanghai..

The menu looks promising.. They have many variation of La Mian, and beside this La Mian menu they also have Chinese ala carte and several dim sum menu..

Situated in Senayan City lower ground opposite to Oh La La Cafe, and the interior is modern style dominated in black colors..

Spacious and casual dining area..

We were served a Glazed Nuts (8K) while waiting for our food after the ordering.. Nothing is free here, I thought it was a complimentary at the first time hehe..

Firstly, we ordered Chicken and Shrimp Xiao Long Bao (28.5K), steamed xiao long bao stuffed with minced chicken and shrimp.. It tasted so so only nothing good or bad..

I was craving for something soupy so I ordered Rica-Rica Chicken La Mian (36K), la mian soup topped with chunks of spicy rica-rica chicken.. The soup was mildly spicy.. I think this la mian variation is already adapted to Indonesian taste, I'm not sure I can find this la mian in Shanghai hehe..

While E opted Lamian Pak Pao (36K), stated as eight treasures la mian which came with a generous mixed of ingredients; tofu, nut, shrimp, minced chicken in gravy sauce ..

For me the noodle are delectable soft but not springy.. The gravy was enough to coat every single strand of la mian.. The saucy noodle was just so enticing..

The food was pretty decent but nothing is really remarkable, but I think that is still a value for money dish.. Nice to try..

Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant
Senayan City - LG L10B
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 72781621