Wednesday, December 02, 2009

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee

When it comes to desserts, everybody would be excited even after a filling main meal.. We were not any different.. So who doesn't like desserts? Last week I found MOF Japanese Desserts has opened their first branch in Jakarta @ Plaza Indonesia Extension, so we've been curious to try it..

We've been there twice in a week since they opened, coz they served a large variety of Japanese desserts and when we were looking at the menu, we can't decide what to eat!! We want to try everything!! So we gave it another visit and here's all dishes that we've tried..

Situated in Plaza Indonesia Extension on 2nd floor, the open concept do not give any form of privacy. People wandering around, can see what you eat, how you eat.. But the place is quite comfy to chit chat..

With a colorful furniture is attracting patrons, while the sofas letting customers to sit back, relax, and enjoy their sweet desserts..

Started with a cup of Hot Tea (10K)..

Matcha Zen (33K), red bean soup with a dollop green tea ice cream and some glutinous balls topped with almond flakes.. A sweet red bean balanced with a bitter green tea ice cream, such a perfect match and soo Japanese.. This is recommended definitely..

We also shared their hot dessert Abekawa (45K), it's an oven baked mochi sprinkled with soybean flour and with read bean paste underneath.. This kind a new to my tasting experience, I never had baked mochi before.. We loved the outer layer of baked mochi which is crispy and light where else the inside is chewy and springy, but the read bean was too sweet for our liking.. I think its best to eat while its still hot as once its get cold, the inside mochi become kinda hard to chew..

Next is Shiraan (29.5K), a mixed of fresh peach, strawberry, kanteen jelly, glutinous balls, mochi, and red bean paste drizzled with some honey.. The jelly was really bland, but its went well with the honey poured over it..

E wanted to try Gelato Mini Black Sesame (29.5K), a scoop black sesame gelato with glutinous balls and drizzled with black sesame sauce.. Mmm yummy, I lurve their gelato, its no sugar added, free preservatives and food colours.. Oh ya I'm also enjoy their glutinous balls, it has a nice texture and so chewy..

And we have this Matcha Sundae (32.5K), a waffle served with matcha gelato and vanilla soft ice cream drizzled with matca sauce.. The waffle wasn't that large but it tasted ok..

From their main course, we tried this Egg & Tonkatsu Salmon Sandwich (35K), egg and fried salmon filled in toasted whole wheat breads served with chips and fruit salad.. This is just a simple toast, but it's quite tasty.. The portion was moderate but I think its better to use french fries instead of chips..

All I like here is every desserts and main courses are prepared by fresh real fruits and ingredients.. I really enjoy the wide array of Japanese desserts here.. A little pricey but definitely worth every cent you pay for.. Will definitely come back again trying other stuffs! So guys, go satisfy your sweet tooth and let your taste buds experience it..

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee
Plaza Indonesia Extension # L2 - E24, E24T
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta

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