Saturday, December 05, 2009

Gourmet Garage

When we were craving for sandwich, the one place we remembered is Gourmet Garage.. Their sandwich really suit to our liking, and they also have our fave quesadillas.. That nite we planned to have a dinner @ Gourmet Garage in Kemang area..

As the name goes, they are selling gourmet foods.. Gourmet Garage is a marketplace which offer a great selections of quality gourmet foods, they come with two restaurants with different food concept, Saba with international foods and Hiro with Japanese foods..

It's been so long since our last visit, and that time they were under renovation.. You can notice the renovation area behind the big screen.. Although the place became a bit smaller, but patrons can still feel homey when hanging out here..

We asked for non-smoking area, the ambiance is cozy and very casual..

Our main agenda here was to order our fave sandwich and quesadillas, but unfortunately because of their renovation, they must limit their food range temporarily.. So we were looking for the others menu that nite..

For an appetizer, we ordered their Japanese dish, Crispy Gindara Maki (80K), deep friend gindara rolled in sushi rice and topped with mayo and tobiko.. It's nice but nothing outstanding, and we thought its too pricey..

E ordered Fish & Chips (78K), deep fried fish with french fries underneath.. The fish meat was extremely tender and fresh, nicely crispy though.. And their fries are really awesome, the straight cut fries with the right amount of seasoning, crispy, and freshly fried on order..

And I ordered this Linguine Passion Lovers (55K) with an extra Grilled Chicken (17K), it's a linguine pasta with grilled chicken strips in pesto sauce.. It's good..

Even though we didn't get what we want that nite, but we still had a great dinner.. And yup we still crave for their sandwich and quesadillas, so after a few months later we went back to Gourmet Garage.. But this time we made a call first to make sure that their menu already back to normal..

Finally, they're done with the renovation.. The Ranch Market opened already in the first floor and surely their menu already back to normal..

And this is their new area.. Much bigger than before.. The place is wonderful mix of deli and easy casual dining..

The dining area has a very relaxed and clean look ambiance.. Tables are spaced out a distance away, so you can have your own privacy..

Here's the Tuna Melt Sandwich (60K), tuna salad and cheese stuffed within farmers bread.. I particularly like the way they blended the tuna so well, it won't be too fishy nor merely creamy.. The best part was that it is served with fries on the side.. Truly a mouth watering dish to eat..

Next, Chicken Quesadillas (65K), it's a grilled tortilla stuffed with shredded chicken, salsa, and melted cheese topped with salads and guacamole.. Yum! My mouth waters now just thinking about it! Even though its not an authentic Mexican quesadillas, but its suit our taste buds perfectly..

Overall, although it is quite a pricey dinner, but definitely worth it coz the great food using quality ingredients.. And we really satisfied, we got what we craved hehe..

Gourmet Garage (Gourmet World)
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 66
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 7190875

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