Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shanghai Blue 1920

Searching for some local 'Baba-Nyonya' (Peranakan) Cuisine in Jakarta? Not only a local taste, Shanghai Blue which owned by Tugu Group also offer a fine cuisine combined with a cozy place..

I was struck by this ambiance, its unique and romantic accompanied with a Jazz music performance every weekend.. The interior is just stunning..

When I stepped into the restaurant, the ambiance was enhanced with the lightly dimmed lighting and the arrangements of the antique & unique furniture really made the exquisite 'Baba and Nyonya' style interior..

There is some old pictures hanged on the red contrast wall, which gave you a feel of nostalgic.. All antique arts here is the owner private collection..

The menu also wrote in old Indonesian spelling, and you'll be surprised with the unique dish names they've created it..

A unique pot of Hot Jasmine Tea (20K), this kind of pot really hard to find here yaa..

Hot Lemon Tea (22K)

Let's go with the foods..

For the appetizer, we ordered Kuotie Tiga Macam - Three Flavors Fried Dumplings (28K), deep fried dumplings with three variants filling; vegetables, chicken, and beef.. But we asked only for the chicken and beef.. It's tasty and delicate, nice starter..

Still with the appetizer, we got Tahu Tabur Teri - Tofu with Anchovies (29K), deep fried battered soft tofu topped with sauteed veggies and anchovies.. The tofu was really soft..

For the next course, we had Burung Dara Goreng - Fried Pigeons (58K).. I didn't taste it coz I don't like pigeons, but others said the pigeon was fried too dry for their liking..

Tjwiemei Tugu - (39K) is a Malangnese style of chicken noodle.. It's a homemade noodle with lettuce topped with minced chicken, fried wonton, and boiled egg.. Its quite similar to ordinary chicken noodle, but tjwiemie (cwie mie) style is drier.. Not bad..

And Tahu Telor Dowager - Dowager Egg Tofu (40K).. I didn't expect this dish came out like ordinary fried tofu, but guess what its turned out to be the best dish that nite.. Everyone loved it..

To sum up my experience I must say that the dinner at Shanghai Blue was just great.. The foods is excellent, the service is fine too, but surely the price here is on the high side.. But the most important thing is that we were happy with the ambiance here.. Definitely a good place to dine in for fine 'Baba-Nyonya' fusion cuisine.. Worth a try for sure!!

Shanghai Blue 1920
Jl. Kebon Sirih Raya No. 77-79
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 3918690/3920384

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