Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sushi Tei

My frenz Ef, N, S and I finally went for our dinner to celebrate N Birthday on last Friday (21/11). This was planned a few weeks ago, but we were always not free. So that nite, we all made an effort to clear all appointments and met up @ Sushi Tei Mall Kelapa Gading 5.

The interior concept is not different from others branch, Japanese minimalist style with sushi bar in the centre. The ambiance that nite was crowd, usually we have to queue to be seated, especially on weekend. Luckily for S and I didn’t need to queue since N and Ef already get a seat for us, before we arrived. Hehe..sorry girls, traffic...

Japanese Ocha

Japanese Ocha for our drinks, its free of charge and refill, Cold Ocha for N and Hot Ocha for the rest of us.

Since we were not very hungry at the time, so we didn’t order single dish. My frenz just picked assorted sushi to share.

Salmon Maki

So many sushi we ordered, I can’t remember the exact name of the sushi, I just knew their price from its colour plate (^_^). Blue plate (11K), black plate (22K), and gold plate (37K)

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi (37K), N's fave. She always order it when we dine @ Sushi Tei.

Special Unagi Roll

Special Unagi Roll (58K) is everyone fave, except me coz I don’t like unagi/eel.

Age Dashi Tofu

Since I’ve already had an early dinner at home and I’m not really into sushi that nite, so I just ordered the Age Dashi Tofu (22K) - a favourite of mine. This came topped with shaved bonito flakes and chopped spring onions. Taste wise, the fried batter around the tofu was nice while the soy sauce dip was not too salty.

Mabo Tofu Udon

And this additional photo and review from E. At the same nite, E also went to Sushi Tei with his friend, and he ordered Mabo Tofu Udon (45K), udon in gravy sauce with mushroom and tofu. He said the texture of udon is nice and chewy, but the sauce is less tasty for E.

Sushi Tei
Mall Kelapa Gading 5

Level 1 - 1#47

North Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 45876410

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


TiAmo.. From its name you can easily guess that must be an Italian restaurant. We tried TiAmo @ Pacific Place, when we visited they had a 50% off promotion for all foods and beverages, it’s a good chance, isn’t it? (^_^)

The ambiance was so warm and cozy. Their interior concept is so Italian

Garlic Bread

The moment you are seated, they serve you a basket of Garlic Bread for free. How nice ya!

Ice Apple Tea

This is Ice Apple Tea (20K) for E, and I just ordered Aqua (15K).

Pizza Fransescana

That nite, I had the craving for pizza. They have several pizza selections, I ordered Pizza Fransescana (65K) in normal size upon the recommedation by the waiter as it one of their favorite pizzas. It’s a thin crust pizza type with beef bacon, mushroom and mozzarella cheese. I don’t really like this kind of thin crust pizza, its become hard if we don’t eat soon.

Spaghetti TiAmo

And E had Spaghetti TiAmo (70K), spaghetti cooked in al-dente style with garlic, olive oil, and smoked beef. For me the texture of spaghetti was slightly hard. E said its oily, but it must be an olive oil.

We really enjoyed our dinner with their great ambiance, but the food was just ok. In my opinion, their price is pricey enough for a normal Italian Restaurant we find in the mall. Luckily that nite we got 50% off.

Pacific Place Mall fl.5 #58 A-B
Sudirman Central Business Distric
Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 52-53
South Jakarta

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kwang Tung Porridge

Porridge.. Simply dinner with a great taste. It was a cold nite and the warm porridge was what was needed to warm us up, so we ended up @ Kwang Tung.

Kerapu Fish Porridge

This is my Kerapu Fish Porridge (27.5K). The porridge is equally watery. In this photo you can’t see the fish, are all hidden inside. But they quite generous and the fish itself is fresh.

Sliced Beef Porridge

E ordered Sliced Beef Porridge (27.5K). All the porridge looks similar right? This photo E stirred it so you can see the beef.


Last but not least, never forget this dish when you eat porridge, Cakwe (4K). I really can’t enjoy porridge without cakwe. We ordered 2 portion of it.

For the drink, E ordered Ice Tea (3K), and Chinese Tea (9K/pot) for me

This porridge stall has several kind of porridge like chicken, scallop, and others except pork. They not only serve kinds of porridge, they also serve Halal (no pork) Chinese foods. Located at Pecenongan, this stall open 24 hours.

Kwang Tung
Jl. Pecenongan Raya No. 671
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 3865688/3458267

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kiyadon Japanese Restaurant

Looking a place for a late dinner, FX should be a rite place to stop by. Last Saturday we stuck in traffic for one hour, we need to find restaurant that serve dinner till late so we no need to rush in having our dinner. I find out that FX on weekdays opens till 12am and on weekend they open till 3am. What a great place to hang out..

We attracted to try Kiyadon Japanese Restaurant, which just opened @ FX not long ago.

Kiyadon serves Japanese elegant foods and sushi in luxurious and modern atmosphere. We choosed to be seated on semi tatami table near the window, and we must leave on our shoes. This spot is really cozy, one table can only be seated max 6 person, and their air conditioner is so freezing.

Hot Ocha

That nite was so cold and rainy so we both ordered Hot Ocha, its free of charge. How nice yaa…(^_^)

Salmon Maki

So starving, E ordered Salmon Maki (12K) while waiting for his dinner.

Tori Karaage Set

E had Tori Karaage Set, (48K) it is one set of 4 pieces chicken karaage served with a bowl rice, japanese pickles, and miso soup. The karaage is crispy but the inside is moist and full of taste. Its tasty and he really enjoyed it.

Spicy Udon

I browsed their menu looking for something that can warm me. So I opted Spicy Udon (62K), it is a Japanese udon on hot spicy soup with minced chicken and mushroom. The udon is just so nice and its very spicy, it is so heart warming and filling.

We had a nice dining experience at Kiyadon. We really enjoyed our dinner with a great ambiance and good foods.

Kiyadon Japanese Restaurant
Plaza FX 4th floor

South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 25554067

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sagoo Kitchen

Back around to Mall Kelapa Gading for having a dinner, I get attracted to this old unique restaurant style.

In front the restaurant, they set a small old style stall (warung) sells diverse old tidbits and snacks which are very rare we can find now.

The restaurant is designed with an old concept structure, which woods and bricks are dominant in their interior concept.

Krupuk Banjoer

To start our dinner, I asked E to order Krupuk Banjoer (12.9K). It is a ‘kerupuk melarat’ drenched with sour peanut sauce. Questioning what is 'krupuk melarat'? It's called 'melarat' coz these crackers are fried using hot sand, not an oil. The crackers go well with peanut sauce, its really a good match. But they should give us more peanut sauce since the crackers are so big.

Mee Djawa (Nyemek)

E ordered Mee Djawa (18.9K). This dish came in two versions; nyemek – wet and fried. E get attracted to nyemek version. Its like an instant noodle, stir with tomatoes, vegetables, eggs, and spices in brown gravy sauce and garnished with fried onion. The sauce is really tasty.

Kway Tiau Nyemek

I tried their best seller, Kway Tiau Nyemek (23.9K) is a flat rice noodle (kwetiau) stir with chicken chunks, mushroom, and veggies in starchy sauce, served with fried crispy bee hoon. Turned out E’s Mie Djawa served more wet ‘nyemek’ and yummy than mine. But the kway tiau tasted not bad at all.

Es Katjang Singapore

For dessert E ordered Es Katjang Singapore (14.9K). Looked good but just a normal mixed ice (es campur), its a mixed of red bean, atap seed (kolang kaling), jelly, milk,syrup, and topped with coloured shaved ice. Tasted sweet but the ingredients is not generous at all, big only in ice shaved. Lastly, for the drink we just ordered Mineral Water (4.9K)

Miss your old childhood foods and snacks? This will be a right place to stop by. The foods is just ok, and their price is reasonable too. However, I keep wondering why they put their price always with 0.9K on it? Any idea?(^_^)

Sagoo Kitchen
Mal Kelapa Gading I, #G-196A
North jakarta

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sour Sally

Craving for dessert? And want a healthy one? Sour Sally Yogurt Bar should be a right choice.

Comes in two flavors; plain is natural yogurt flavor, and green tea yogurt flavor. Moreover they also serve blend of plain and green tea - a twist. The yogurt is customizable to be combined with your choice of topping. They have diverse topping raging from fresh fruit to cereal, chocolate and even mochi. You can mixed any topping whatever u like with an additional charge.

Because we had a dinner before, so that day we just shared a Small Twist Combo (25K), included one topping, we opted red mochi..Chewy..chewy, nice hehe... And add one more topping – Peach (6.3K).

Small Twist Combo

Looked just like a plain yogurt, but its really a blend between green tea and plain one. The toppings are generous. The texture so smooth, tasted sweet and sour, its really refreshing, and don’t worry its 100% fat free.

So far, you can only find Sour Sally in Senayan City and La Codefin. In my opinion the price is a bit pricey, but its worth enough since its US Premium Frozen Yogurt and they also serve good and fresh toppings. Next time I will try the bigger size (^_^).

Sour Sally
La Codefin Mall GF Unit C-2
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 7180542

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Last Sunday we went to La Codefin considered as Food & Beverage Mall, is a new place in Kemang, located opposite to Kemang Food Festival. La Codefin gives you diverse options to eat like Burger King, Sushi Mise, Starbucks, Oh La La, Raffels, Soto Hut, Sour Sally yogurt bar, and more.

That nite we interested to their roof-top dining, Barcode located on 3rd floor, is an outdoor terrace and pre club, and a concept of open air dining terrace with a pretty nice views of the neighborhood.

Generally Barcode is a food court concept with individual booth designed in modern concept. Inside Barcode you can find several vendors serve diverse foods like Sarpino’s Pizzeria, Jimbaran Café, Dapoer Roemah, Picasa’s Dutch, Uncle Roods, Hollywood Ribs, Bebek Qu, Day Corner, Cabanossi.

So confused to opt what to eat, E and I interested to try kebab served by Day Corner.

Mixed Kebab

E ordered Mixed Kebab (25.9K). It’s a grilled beef and chicken with kebab sauce wrapped with thin pita bread.

Chicken Fajitas

And I tried Chicken Fajitas (29.9K), a sautéed chicken simmered with onion, mushroom, green paprika, fresh tomatoes, jalapenos wrapped with thin pita bread, and served with salsa sauce. Basically its same like Kebab, the different is only in their salsa sauce and a bit spicy on it.

Both is serving in small portion, although the taste is ok, but we were not satisfied enough since its not satiate us well. So E ordered Paella Rice (26K) from Cabanossi, it is normal fried rice with sausages, tasted a bit bland. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of it, coz E finished it so fast. LOL

We ordered Pannekoek (22.5K) from Picasa’s Dutch for dessert.


It is dusted with powder sugar and we asked them to separate the chocolate sauce, tasted ok for us.

For the drinks, E just ordered Iced Tea (12K) and Mineral Water (12K) for me.

All in all, it’s a great place to hang out with family and friend, we enjoyed the open air ambiance. But in my opinion their foods are quite expensive, maybe it cost you for great ambiance hehe.

La Codefin Building 3rd Floor
Jl. Kemang Raya No.8
Jakarta Selatan

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Chapter

Located on the corner spot with green elegant design and artificial tree inside, this New Chapter Restaurant gives a leafy ambiance, yet cozy.

New Chapter Restaurant run by Healthy Choice, serves organic healthy foods, it suits you who really care about diet and health. People usually think organic healthy foods are not interested at all, but don’t give a quick judge to this restaurant, New Chapter success to bring out healthy foods with a delicious taste.

Many selection of foods you can enjoy here; Asian, Western, and Indonesian foods. Even you can also enjoy several ‘Jajanan Pasar’ (5-10K) as desserts in healthy way.

Iced Tea

For the drink, E ordered Iced Tea (15K), served with liquid sugar, both came with nice glass.

Rapsberry Leaf Tea

and a refill Rapsberry Leaf Tea (25K) for me.

Tom Yum Pasta

E choosed Tom Yam Pasta (35K), it’s a fusion Thai and Italian style, quite unique isn’t it? For this dish you can choose type of pasta you like, E tried fettuccine one. It is fettuccine stir with tom yam paste, topped with fresh prawns and two toasted garlic bread as side dish. Looks like dry tom yam noodle but the taste is unique a bit spicy and not oily.

Mie Godog Jawa

That night, I interested to try Mie Godog Jawa (35K). It came in a big portion with a unique plate, it’s a sautéed yellow noodle with cabbage, vegetable, squid, shrimp, and egg stir in gravy sauce. I love this gravy sauce, is tasty.

Hot Ginger with Mochi

For the dessert, we shared Hot Ginger with Mochi - Wedang Ronde (20K). One portion come with only three mochi, before I ordered it the waiter said the mochi was filled by black sesame. But when we ate it, the feeling is ground peanut with a bit cinnamon flavour. This mochi was not really nice, its sticky and not chewy at all, but their ginger soup is good. Its really good to warm up your body

Overall, New Chapter Restaurant is a good place to get yummy foods yet healthy. Their price is a slightly higher, maybe because of a good quality and organic ingredients they used it. In my opinion is worth enough.

New Chapter
FX Lifestyle X'nter – 1st floor
Jl. Jend Sudirman, Pintu 1 Senayan,
South Jakarta 10270
Tel. (62 21) 25554032
Fax. (62 21) 2555403

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Imperial Chef

When you crave for non-halal dimsum and Chinese foods, Imperial Chef should be the right place to stop by. Imperial Chef is operating under one group with The Duck King. Their foods are quite similar, but the difference is Imperial Chef serves non-halal foods, and the other serves halal foods. Usually, we have to queue to get a table on weekend, but not really on weekdays. Moreover Imperial Chef is open till midnight.

They give us this Green Edamame as compliment, its free.

This is what I crave for several times I came here. I usually run out of this Baked BBQ Pork Bun – Bakpao Panggang Cha Siew (12.8K), it always sold out at nite. But we are so lucky today, it’s available now.Lol.

Baked BBQ Pork Bun

The texture is soft, filling with BBQ Pork with crispy crust on top.

Pork Xiao Long Bao

It is a good Pork Xiao Long Bao (14.8K) served with slices of ginger and vinegar. Take a look on its skin is thin and smooth, and the dumplings were filled with hot and juicy broth. Which is better than one at The Duck King.

Pork Spare Ribs

This is Pork Spare Ribs – Tim Paikut & Tausi (12.8K), E ordered. I don’t know what is taste coz I don’t like it, but I’m sure is tasty since E finished it all alone. Hehe..

Chicken Rice

Looks like a plain white rice, but this Chicken Rice – Nasi Hainam (6.5K) is really good and full of flavour. E ordered it, and he said its good enough even eaten on its own. Its pleasantly fragrant and isn’t too greasy.

Sliced Kerapu Fish Congee

Fried Cakwe

And I ordered Sliced Kerapu Fish Congee (40K) and Fried Cakwe (4.5K). Is it too expensive for a pot of congee? I think is worth enough since tasted very good. The congee is so smooth and no fishy smell. There is generous lot of fresh slices of fish.

We ended our delicious and satisfied dinner with Fried Onde-onde with Tausa (13.8K), a fried delicious dessert mixture make from glutinous and tapioca flour, with filled with red bean paste, coated with sesame. When this dessert came, I’m so surprise with its size, can we still finish this big Onde-onde?

Fried Onde-onde with Tausa

Fiiiuuhh… is not like you see, inside this ball is really fallow. But its quite satiate you since is made from glutinous flour.

Jasmine Chinese Tea

For drinks I ordered Jasmine Chinese Tea (6K/pot) and Sweet Ice Tea (10K) for E.

In my opinion Imperial Chef is better than The Duck King. And Imperial Chef become one of our favorite dimsum places and will come back in other time around.

Imperial Chef
Hotel Jayakarta
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 126
West Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 6262533