Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kiyadon Japanese Restaurant

Looking a place for a late dinner, FX should be a rite place to stop by. Last Saturday we stuck in traffic for one hour, we need to find restaurant that serve dinner till late so we no need to rush in having our dinner. I find out that FX on weekdays opens till 12am and on weekend they open till 3am. What a great place to hang out..

We attracted to try Kiyadon Japanese Restaurant, which just opened @ FX not long ago.

Kiyadon serves Japanese elegant foods and sushi in luxurious and modern atmosphere. We choosed to be seated on semi tatami table near the window, and we must leave on our shoes. This spot is really cozy, one table can only be seated max 6 person, and their air conditioner is so freezing.

Hot Ocha

That nite was so cold and rainy so we both ordered Hot Ocha, its free of charge. How nice yaa…(^_^)

Salmon Maki

So starving, E ordered Salmon Maki (12K) while waiting for his dinner.

Tori Karaage Set

E had Tori Karaage Set, (48K) it is one set of 4 pieces chicken karaage served with a bowl rice, japanese pickles, and miso soup. The karaage is crispy but the inside is moist and full of taste. Its tasty and he really enjoyed it.

Spicy Udon

I browsed their menu looking for something that can warm me. So I opted Spicy Udon (62K), it is a Japanese udon on hot spicy soup with minced chicken and mushroom. The udon is just so nice and its very spicy, it is so heart warming and filling.

We had a nice dining experience at Kiyadon. We really enjoyed our dinner with a great ambiance and good foods.

Kiyadon Japanese Restaurant
Plaza FX 4th floor

South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 25554067

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