Thursday, November 13, 2008


Last Sunday we went to La Codefin considered as Food & Beverage Mall, is a new place in Kemang, located opposite to Kemang Food Festival. La Codefin gives you diverse options to eat like Burger King, Sushi Mise, Starbucks, Oh La La, Raffels, Soto Hut, Sour Sally yogurt bar, and more.

That nite we interested to their roof-top dining, Barcode located on 3rd floor, is an outdoor terrace and pre club, and a concept of open air dining terrace with a pretty nice views of the neighborhood.

Generally Barcode is a food court concept with individual booth designed in modern concept. Inside Barcode you can find several vendors serve diverse foods like Sarpino’s Pizzeria, Jimbaran Café, Dapoer Roemah, Picasa’s Dutch, Uncle Roods, Hollywood Ribs, Bebek Qu, Day Corner, Cabanossi.

So confused to opt what to eat, E and I interested to try kebab served by Day Corner.

Mixed Kebab

E ordered Mixed Kebab (25.9K). It’s a grilled beef and chicken with kebab sauce wrapped with thin pita bread.

Chicken Fajitas

And I tried Chicken Fajitas (29.9K), a sautéed chicken simmered with onion, mushroom, green paprika, fresh tomatoes, jalapenos wrapped with thin pita bread, and served with salsa sauce. Basically its same like Kebab, the different is only in their salsa sauce and a bit spicy on it.

Both is serving in small portion, although the taste is ok, but we were not satisfied enough since its not satiate us well. So E ordered Paella Rice (26K) from Cabanossi, it is normal fried rice with sausages, tasted a bit bland. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of it, coz E finished it so fast. LOL

We ordered Pannekoek (22.5K) from Picasa’s Dutch for dessert.


It is dusted with powder sugar and we asked them to separate the chocolate sauce, tasted ok for us.

For the drinks, E just ordered Iced Tea (12K) and Mineral Water (12K) for me.

All in all, it’s a great place to hang out with family and friend, we enjoyed the open air ambiance. But in my opinion their foods are quite expensive, maybe it cost you for great ambiance hehe.

La Codefin Building 3rd Floor
Jl. Kemang Raya No.8
Jakarta Selatan

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