Sunday, November 02, 2008


Hang around @ Senayan City, we picked Zhuma to have our dinner. We never have been to Zhuma before. From outside, seemed the ambiance was so warm and nice. Zhuma is Japanese restaurant provides an assortment of Japanese modern cuisine. I think Zhuma offers uniquely Japanese food, which differ from any other Japanese Restaurant I found.

The place has minimalist yet traditional interior concept, its quite unique. I think it will be uncomfortable when the place is packed, since the space is pretty narrow.

Ok then..browsed their menu..they have variety selections from appetizers, salads, a’la carte dish, rice bowl, noodle, soup, beverages, and desserts.


For drink, we ordered free flow Ocha (12K), the hot one for me, and cold for E.

That nite both of us were craving for Japanese curry dish.

Ebi Curry

And no longer, E’s Ebi Curry (50K) came out. The curry served on separate small bowl. It’s a golden curry, full of taste and simmered to perfection with potatoes, carrots, and onions served with Japanese steam rice, three ebi tempuras, and red Japanese pickles. The curry tasted so good, but ebi tempuras were so small.

Seafood Curry Nabe Seafood Curry Nabe (60K) is simmered Japanese thin noodle in a light curry broth with tempura battered gindara, salmon, tofu, and shitake mushroom. Garnished with green beans and served with red Japanese pickles also. The gindara was so smooth and fresh but not with the salmon, its quite fishy for me since they didn’t remove the salmon’s skin and bones.

Our tastebuds said E’s Ebi Curry had stronger taste than mine. But both are quite satisfied for us, and the serving size is just ok for us.

You also can find Zhuma on their other branch @ FX. For my opinion, the price is slightly pricey but its moderate as commonly other modern Japanese restaurant. Overall this place was nice to hang around we had a good and wonderful meal, and we enjoyed the ambiance.

Zhuma Japanese Restaurant
Senayan City LG. 41-43
Jl. Asia Afrika lot 19
South Jakarta, 10270
Tel. (62 21) 72781237/47

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