Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Chapter

Located on the corner spot with green elegant design and artificial tree inside, this New Chapter Restaurant gives a leafy ambiance, yet cozy.

New Chapter Restaurant run by Healthy Choice, serves organic healthy foods, it suits you who really care about diet and health. People usually think organic healthy foods are not interested at all, but don’t give a quick judge to this restaurant, New Chapter success to bring out healthy foods with a delicious taste.

Many selection of foods you can enjoy here; Asian, Western, and Indonesian foods. Even you can also enjoy several ‘Jajanan Pasar’ (5-10K) as desserts in healthy way.

Iced Tea

For the drink, E ordered Iced Tea (15K), served with liquid sugar, both came with nice glass.

Rapsberry Leaf Tea

and a refill Rapsberry Leaf Tea (25K) for me.

Tom Yum Pasta

E choosed Tom Yam Pasta (35K), it’s a fusion Thai and Italian style, quite unique isn’t it? For this dish you can choose type of pasta you like, E tried fettuccine one. It is fettuccine stir with tom yam paste, topped with fresh prawns and two toasted garlic bread as side dish. Looks like dry tom yam noodle but the taste is unique a bit spicy and not oily.

Mie Godog Jawa

That night, I interested to try Mie Godog Jawa (35K). It came in a big portion with a unique plate, it’s a sautéed yellow noodle with cabbage, vegetable, squid, shrimp, and egg stir in gravy sauce. I love this gravy sauce, is tasty.

Hot Ginger with Mochi

For the dessert, we shared Hot Ginger with Mochi - Wedang Ronde (20K). One portion come with only three mochi, before I ordered it the waiter said the mochi was filled by black sesame. But when we ate it, the feeling is ground peanut with a bit cinnamon flavour. This mochi was not really nice, its sticky and not chewy at all, but their ginger soup is good. Its really good to warm up your body

Overall, New Chapter Restaurant is a good place to get yummy foods yet healthy. Their price is a slightly higher, maybe because of a good quality and organic ingredients they used it. In my opinion is worth enough.

New Chapter
FX Lifestyle X'nter – 1st floor
Jl. Jend Sudirman, Pintu 1 Senayan,
South Jakarta 10270
Tel. (62 21) 25554032
Fax. (62 21) 2555403

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