Monday, November 17, 2008

Sagoo Kitchen

Back around to Mall Kelapa Gading for having a dinner, I get attracted to this old unique restaurant style.

In front the restaurant, they set a small old style stall (warung) sells diverse old tidbits and snacks which are very rare we can find now.

The restaurant is designed with an old concept structure, which woods and bricks are dominant in their interior concept.

Krupuk Banjoer

To start our dinner, I asked E to order Krupuk Banjoer (12.9K). It is a ‘kerupuk melarat’ drenched with sour peanut sauce. Questioning what is 'krupuk melarat'? It's called 'melarat' coz these crackers are fried using hot sand, not an oil. The crackers go well with peanut sauce, its really a good match. But they should give us more peanut sauce since the crackers are so big.

Mee Djawa (Nyemek)

E ordered Mee Djawa (18.9K). This dish came in two versions; nyemek – wet and fried. E get attracted to nyemek version. Its like an instant noodle, stir with tomatoes, vegetables, eggs, and spices in brown gravy sauce and garnished with fried onion. The sauce is really tasty.

Kway Tiau Nyemek

I tried their best seller, Kway Tiau Nyemek (23.9K) is a flat rice noodle (kwetiau) stir with chicken chunks, mushroom, and veggies in starchy sauce, served with fried crispy bee hoon. Turned out E’s Mie Djawa served more wet ‘nyemek’ and yummy than mine. But the kway tiau tasted not bad at all.

Es Katjang Singapore

For dessert E ordered Es Katjang Singapore (14.9K). Looked good but just a normal mixed ice (es campur), its a mixed of red bean, atap seed (kolang kaling), jelly, milk,syrup, and topped with coloured shaved ice. Tasted sweet but the ingredients is not generous at all, big only in ice shaved. Lastly, for the drink we just ordered Mineral Water (4.9K)

Miss your old childhood foods and snacks? This will be a right place to stop by. The foods is just ok, and their price is reasonable too. However, I keep wondering why they put their price always with 0.9K on it? Any idea?(^_^)

Sagoo Kitchen
Mal Kelapa Gading I, #G-196A
North jakarta

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