Wednesday, November 05, 2008

En Japanese Dining Bar

One hot Sunday afternoon, we were craving for something refreshing and sweet flavours to tantalize our tastebuds. Recommended by my friend S, so we stopped by to En Japanese Dining Bar to try their bestseller dessert.

Located @ EX, the place is divided into two areas; bar and restaurant. From the outside you can only see their bar area, but when you go inside the restaurant area is spacious and the ambiance is give off a cozy atmosphere most favorable for hang out and you can experience a modern Japanese nuance.

En Japanese Dining Bar is another fine Japanese restaurant which offer nice Japanese cuisines; sushi, rice, noodle, and yakitori. They also served alcoholic Japanese drinks; sake, sochu, cocktails, and Japanese beer. Their menu is so variety and their price is considered pricey. However on that day we just go straight to their dessert selection menu. Choose their bestseller one is a Honey Bread Ice Cream (48K).

Honey Bread Ice Cream

It’s really a unique dessert, which I can’t find in another commonly Japanese restaurant. It’s a fried white bread box topped with milk, honey, blueberry sauce, and three scoops of vanilla ice cream garnished with a slice candied Sunkist.

The edge of bread is crispy, but fluffy on the inside served with creamy vanilla ice cream, its just a perfect combination sooo yummmyyy…. Its pricey, but its worth to try (^_^). You can get 35% on this dessert if you come by on Monday-Friday at 3-5PM hehe…

Macha Ice Cream

Another dessert is Macha Ice Cream (18K) is a scoop of Japanese green tea ice cream with read bean paste. Its not too sweet, but tasted good. Lastly, we just had free flow hot ocha (12K) for drink.

After all, En Japanese Dining Bar is a good place to hang out, serves a nice Japanese food, but it’s pricey. However, its worth to try. Thanks S for your recommendation (^_^).

En Japanese Dining Bar
Plaza Indonesia Entertainment X'nter 2nd Fl. no. 15
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav.28-30
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 31990202 / 03

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