Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sour Sally

Craving for dessert? And want a healthy one? Sour Sally Yogurt Bar should be a right choice.

Comes in two flavors; plain is natural yogurt flavor, and green tea yogurt flavor. Moreover they also serve blend of plain and green tea - a twist. The yogurt is customizable to be combined with your choice of topping. They have diverse topping raging from fresh fruit to cereal, chocolate and even mochi. You can mixed any topping whatever u like with an additional charge.

Because we had a dinner before, so that day we just shared a Small Twist Combo (25K), included one topping, we opted red mochi..Chewy..chewy, nice hehe... And add one more topping – Peach (6.3K).

Small Twist Combo

Looked just like a plain yogurt, but its really a blend between green tea and plain one. The toppings are generous. The texture so smooth, tasted sweet and sour, its really refreshing, and don’t worry its 100% fat free.

So far, you can only find Sour Sally in Senayan City and La Codefin. In my opinion the price is a bit pricey, but its worth enough since its US Premium Frozen Yogurt and they also serve good and fresh toppings. Next time I will try the bigger size (^_^).

Sour Sally
La Codefin Mall GF Unit C-2
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 7180542

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