Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kwang Tung Porridge

Porridge.. Simply dinner with a great taste. It was a cold nite and the warm porridge was what was needed to warm us up, so we ended up @ Kwang Tung.

Kerapu Fish Porridge

This is my Kerapu Fish Porridge (27.5K). The porridge is equally watery. In this photo you can’t see the fish, are all hidden inside. But they quite generous and the fish itself is fresh.

Sliced Beef Porridge

E ordered Sliced Beef Porridge (27.5K). All the porridge looks similar right? This photo E stirred it so you can see the beef.


Last but not least, never forget this dish when you eat porridge, Cakwe (4K). I really can’t enjoy porridge without cakwe. We ordered 2 portion of it.

For the drink, E ordered Ice Tea (3K), and Chinese Tea (9K/pot) for me

This porridge stall has several kind of porridge like chicken, scallop, and others except pork. They not only serve kinds of porridge, they also serve Halal (no pork) Chinese foods. Located at Pecenongan, this stall open 24 hours.

Kwang Tung
Jl. Pecenongan Raya No. 671
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 3865688/3458267

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