Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pizza Marzano

Every time I walk passed Pizza Marzano in Grand Indonesia, I keep asking E to eat here someday.. And finally, last week E took me to Pizza Marzano.. I saw Pizza Marzano is popular among locals, foreigners, and also families..

Simple and spacious dining area, designed to feel casual, relaxed, and warm ambiance.. It has very clean look, neat with white marble dining tables..

Cushioned sofas which are cozy comfort for the patrons..

All pizzas are freshly baked in their open kitchen..

The drinks, Hot Dilmah Chamomile Tea (20K) and Iced Lemon Tea (20K).

As usual since it was only 2 of us, it was hard to order many variants pasta and pizza, so we just ordered one pizza and one pasta to share..

For the pizza, we had American Pollo Pizza (67K), chicken and pepperoni on the thin pizza base.. True to the menu description, the pizza was freshly baked and thinly crusted, but not too crispy though, its just rite for my liking.. And the generous servings of chicken chunks, pepperoni, and cheese made a pizza such a refreshing delight.. Mmm we really enjoyed it..

And for the pasta, we choose Fusilli Pollo alla Genovese (58K), fusilli with chicken in pesto oil sauce and served with baked dough balls.. I love these baked dough balls, soft, warm, and so delicate.. Each fusili cooked to a perfect bite and look the pesto sauce is fully coated over the fusili.. Simple and oh so delicious..

Great stuff here.. Really worth going..

Pizza Marzano
Grand Indonesia - West Mall LG Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 23580150

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Japanese Food! Here we come, we have been craving for Japanese food lately.. So we stopped to this Japanese eatery in Plaza Arcadia Senayan, Fukuten..

When you step in, it's like stepping into some old traditional Japanese place.. The interior of the restaurant features some Japanese arts and decors, it has a relax and clean look ambiance..

We were promptly seated at this nicely tatami dining table.. Really can feel the Japanese ambiance, nice and comfy..

So now all I can say is Itadakimasu!

E ordered Curry Champon (68K), Japanese yellow noodles of medium thickness served with a great variety of veggies and sliced beef in mild curry broth..

Tossed them up real good and slurp away.. It really had generous amount of ingredients; sliced beef, mixed veggies, corn, eggs with tantalizing curry broth.. I've never eaten this Japanese type noodles before, it had a nice texture and different from the udon which I usually had..

This is what I had. Fukuten Omelette Yakisoba (75K), yakisoba/stir-fried Japanese noodles filled in omelette with mixed veggies, seaweed with delicious mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce drizzled generously over it and served on sizzling hotplate..

I think it's the same noodle like our first dish.. Though the taste was a chaotic mix of noodle strands, egg, and sweet mayo and okonomiyaki sauce, but I absolutely loved it..

Fresh fruit dessert compliments.. Nice yaa..

Overall, we have a good filling meal, the food seems to be very authentic Japanese.. It's a good try though..

Fukuten Japanese Restaurant
Plaza Senayan Arcadia Unit X 109
Jl. New Delhi No. 9
Pintu Senayan
South Jakarta
Tel. ( 62 21) 57901271

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ta Wan

Thinking of what to eat @ Pacific Place has always been a headache with an overwhelming choices of restaurant.. Finally we choose Ta Wan, one of our favorite Chinese family restaurant.. Even though Ta Wan is not a new restaurant, but they still maintain their dishes tasteful and appetizing..

Spacious dining area with large dining tables, suit for family dinner.. Clean and neatly arranged..

What's on our dinner?

We had Chicken & Fish Congee - Large (13.5K) to share.. The congee was boiled till soft and fine.. Fragrant and really nice to eat with Fried Crullers/Cakwe (6K)..

Belacan Fried Fish (28.5K), slices fried barramundi/kakap fish cooked in sambal belacan (dry shrimp paste) sauce.. The sauce was quite tangy, sweet and had a light spiciness on it, and went well with the fried barramundi/kakap fish.. The fish was fresh, no fishy smell..

Next, we had Tofu Omelette with Chicken (24K), deep fried tofu omelette topped with spicy chicken gravy sauce.. The omelette was crispy at the edge, the gravy was thick and flavourful..

This is one of the restaurants that we always enjoy having Chinese food.. The service here is ok, and the food is wholesome and affordable for families.. Do Try..

Ta Wan
Pacific Place - 5th Floor No. 36
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, SCBD
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 57973196/97

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Looking for a new cool place to hang out in Jakarta? Here's a Bibiliotheque.. Hmm all I knew, Bibiliotheque means a library in French.. So are we really hang out to library?? Relax peeps, Bibiliotheque here is not a library as in the real meaning, it's a newly opened casual bistro and modern lounge located in Sampoerna Strategic Square..

The interior is set up in an old English library style, with tall window panels the ambiance here is surely astonishingly with the monumental decor..

With high ceiling, big white pillars, and rustic candlesticks in every smooth marble dining tables, creates this Bibiliotheque perfect for intimate dining or wine lounging.. This place really reminds me of a library I'd seen in Harry Potter movies.. The place is really spacious, so I'm sorry I can't take a picture in every spot there..

Even when comes to the menu, they use organizer book menu to give an element of library.. International and some middle eastern dishes is on the menu..

That nite we had a complete dinner course, from appetizer to dessert.. So, let's see..

My set of Hot Lemon Tea (21K), complete with white sugar cubes and brown sugar..

And E had this Berry Family (35K), mixed berry fruit juice.. It's sweet, sour, and so refreshing..

Started off with Crunchy Breaded Mushroom (43K), fresh button mushroom fried with breaded batter and come with tomato salsa dip.. It was nice, juicy on the inside, but a bit too pricey I guess for 5 pieces of mushroom for me hehe..

Next, I had this Chicken Shawarma (69K) from their middle eastern dishes.. Its a marinated and roasted chicken strips with garlic and pickles stuffed in pita bread with hummus tabouleh, and served with french fries.. It's delicious and quite appetizing..

And E had this Seafood Linguine Marinara (79K), al-dente linguine cooked with prawns, squids, and mussels in mild tomato sauce base.. It was totally delicious.. A good choice for seafood lovers, the seafood was fresh..

For an after dinner sweet treat, we opted this Volcano Chocolate Espresso (39K), stack of vanilla ice cream, chocolate espresso scone, and whip cream.. What a great combination, the icy cold vanilla ice cream really went well with the chocolate scone.. Yummyy..

Overall, we were impressed with Bibiliotheque ambiance, cozy and warm.. Really a new hip place to be in Jakarta at this time.. This place attracts large number of diners on weekends, so do make reservation, or you may have to wait..

Sampoerna Strategic Square
South Tower B, Ground Floor No. 8
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45-46
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 57956978

Friday, November 13, 2009

Harum Manis

It has been quite some time since we had Indonesian foods for dinner.. So, this time we headed to Harum Manis Restaurant to have Indonesian foods for dinner.. I've been curious with this place for long time ago, and at last my curiosity of this place paid off..

When you step into the restaurant, it's like stepping into an old traditional Javanese noble house with a passion and romance ambiance..

With traditional antique furniture and the decor which dominated by dark wood, this place really give a hint impression of Javanese..

Dinner while you being entertained by live music band, u also can request your fave songs.. Such a lovely dinner yaa..

That nite we had Tahu Telor Selamat Datang - Welcome Tofu Omelette (42K) for the starter.. It's a deep fried tofu with egg served with savory peanut and petis soy sauce.. It was nice and not a usual taste you can get..

We decided to try their single dishes.. E ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung - Kampung style Fried Rice (26K).. Frankly, at the first time I thought it wasn't a good choice to ordered fried rice here, since I thought that this is just another fancy and expensive place with tasteless food.. But guess what? I was completely wrong, this 'kampung' style fried rice was really have a good taste in fact, it had an authentic 'kampung' taste and it's spicy though.. This much better than I expected..

And I ordered Mie Tek-Tek (38K), Javanese wet fried egg noodles and vermicelli stirred with mixed veggies, meatball, egg, and shredded chicken served on mini wok pan..

Basically it was a local Indonesian dish which usually can be found on street vendor.. But I'm happy, Harum Manis still keep its original taste, it was delicate, quite fragrant and you can really taste the spice on it..

And this crackers come with the mie tek-tek..

All in all, the foods here is amazing, closer to the original taste.. The ambiance is exquisite.. The service is excellent.. And for the price is a slightly higher, but it still worth to give a visit..Coz they proclaims itself to serve the finest Javanese specialties using superior ingredients.. Oh ya don't forget try their specialty grilled satays/skewers with option including squid, prawns, chicken, lamb, even wagyu beef.. unfortunately, we were too full to ordered it..

Harum Manis
Pavilion Apartment Retail Arcade
Jl. K.H. Mansyur Kav. 24
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 57941727

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I-Ta Suki Restaurant

Back in August 2009.. Finally, this was our first steamboat we ever dine together hehe.. We went to newly opened I-Ta Suki Restaurant branch in EX and luckily we still got 30% off for their opening promotion at that time..

Located under the escalator, I-Ta Suki located in spacious space with a hint of garden theme..

Racks of refrigerator to choose your own fresh steamboat ingredients.. They have various different ingredients..

We have 2 kinds soup, original (left) and tom yum (right).. All we need is just be patient till the soup boiling..

And these what we had for the steamboat..

1 Pax Swekiau (17.8K), as I remembered it's shrimp and minced chicken on it..

1 Pax Sirloin Roll Enoki (27.8K), golden mushroom wrapped with sliced sirloin beef..

A plate of Fish Glue (19.8K), fish paste made from fresh fish and sticks to the plate.. The hot soup was pouring all over the fish paste constantly to release it from the plate and cook it in steamboat.. It tasted good, and had a bouncy texture..

Next we had 1 pax Veggies (29.8K) which include already with the soup.. Golden Mushroom (16.8K).. Green Noodle (18.8K), homemade spinach noodles.. Prawn Sandwich (22.8K), prawn paste stuffed within tofu and seaweed in triangle shape.. Fried Stuffed Tofu (18.8K), fish paste stuffed in fried fluffy tofu..

Then.. Throw in all the ingredients and wait till cooked..

Ok.. Ready to eat..E love the tom yum soup version, the soup was not too spicy or sour.. It just nice in taste.. But I stick to the original one, it's sweet and nice in taste after we put in all ingredients..

While waiting our foods to cooked, we ordered this Cristal Dumplings Dim Sum (14.8K), looks like xiao long bao, but it tasted like hakao.. As I remembered it is a shrimp on it and tasted nice..

The steamboat really goes well with their tasty dipping sauce.. It was a blend of spicy and sour, nice!

Let's eat.. Oh ya I almost forgot, do you notice the strands of thick flat white noodles in my bowl? That's a Fish Noodles (16.8K), noodles made of the processed fish (sorry I didn't take a pic before it cooked).. And the flat white in square shape is the cooked fish glue.. Both nice and tasty, there's no fishy smell..

I-Ta Suki is a good place to have steamboat and other Chinese dishes but for the price we think it's a slightly high.. But at least with that price, we were given absolutely fresh ingredients, meats, and veggies..

I-Ta Suki Restaurant
EX Plaza Indonesia
2nd Floor No. 1
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 13
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 3905600