Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Japanese Food! Here we come, we have been craving for Japanese food lately.. So we stopped to this Japanese eatery in Plaza Arcadia Senayan, Fukuten..

When you step in, it's like stepping into some old traditional Japanese place.. The interior of the restaurant features some Japanese arts and decors, it has a relax and clean look ambiance..

We were promptly seated at this nicely tatami dining table.. Really can feel the Japanese ambiance, nice and comfy..

So now all I can say is Itadakimasu!

E ordered Curry Champon (68K), Japanese yellow noodles of medium thickness served with a great variety of veggies and sliced beef in mild curry broth..

Tossed them up real good and slurp away.. It really had generous amount of ingredients; sliced beef, mixed veggies, corn, eggs with tantalizing curry broth.. I've never eaten this Japanese type noodles before, it had a nice texture and different from the udon which I usually had..

This is what I had. Fukuten Omelette Yakisoba (75K), yakisoba/stir-fried Japanese noodles filled in omelette with mixed veggies, seaweed with delicious mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce drizzled generously over it and served on sizzling hotplate..

I think it's the same noodle like our first dish.. Though the taste was a chaotic mix of noodle strands, egg, and sweet mayo and okonomiyaki sauce, but I absolutely loved it..

Fresh fruit dessert compliments.. Nice yaa..

Overall, we have a good filling meal, the food seems to be very authentic Japanese.. It's a good try though..

Fukuten Japanese Restaurant
Plaza Senayan Arcadia Unit X 109
Jl. New Delhi No. 9
Pintu Senayan
South Jakarta
Tel. ( 62 21) 57901271

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