Saturday, November 07, 2009

Emperor Q [Closed]

While we looking for a restaurant for dinner in Senayan City, we came across this newly opened Emperor Q Restaurant which is a franchise restaurant originated from Singapore.. And the waiter told us that they are famous for their hot stone rice and Japanese desserts..

So let's find out..

This is how the interior looks like.. Simply, clean, and minimalist.. Feels comfortable and cozy with the woody decoration..

E was curious with their hot stone rice, so he ordered Cod Fish Hot Stone (39.8K), rice with chunks of cod fish stirred with their special sauce in hot stone bowl.. The waitress helped us stirred it before serving on to the table, so I can't take a pic before the stir (sorry for the awful pic)..

Mmm it smelled good and tasted great.. Serving the rice on the hot stone give the rice a charred bits which we love it, and the fish was just nicely cooked.. This dish turned out to be a good choice after all..

I opted for something soupy, which I was craving at the time.. So I ordered Minced Chicken Noodle (35.8K), the thin flat noodle served in a bowl of soup topped with sunny egg, vegetables, and minced chicken in separate bowl..

It looks like just an average dish, but if you put on their specially made minced chicken into, that makes this dish more palatable.. The noodles has a smooth texture, simple but had a tasty soup.. My bowl of hot noodle was good and satisfied me enough..

I love mushroom, so I tempted to try their Minced Chicken Golden Mushroom (35.8K), golden mushrooms covered with minced chicken sauce.. Yup, this minced chicken is the same as in my noodles.. The dish was delicate, but it was too salty if you eat it without rice..

We were already quite full but somehow we won't miss their delicate dessert.. They serves many Japanese style desserts to choose, but this one is a top selection here.. So we tried this Matcha Mixed Imo (32.5K), soft creamy vanilla ice cream drizzled with matcha (green tea) sauce served with fried yam, sweet potato, and red bean paste.. The fried sweet potato and yam really goes well with vanilla ice cream, it's not overly sweet.. When you dip hot fried yam and potato into cold ice cream, a combination between hot and cold desserts really gave an indescribably great sensation..

Overall, we had a good experience here, and we don't mind coming back for more..

Emperor Q
Senayan City - LG Floor #76
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot. 19
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 72781455

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