Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Looking for a new cool place to hang out in Jakarta? Here's a Bibiliotheque.. Hmm all I knew, Bibiliotheque means a library in French.. So are we really hang out to library?? Relax peeps, Bibiliotheque here is not a library as in the real meaning, it's a newly opened casual bistro and modern lounge located in Sampoerna Strategic Square..

The interior is set up in an old English library style, with tall window panels the ambiance here is surely astonishingly with the monumental decor..

With high ceiling, big white pillars, and rustic candlesticks in every smooth marble dining tables, creates this Bibiliotheque perfect for intimate dining or wine lounging.. This place really reminds me of a library I'd seen in Harry Potter movies.. The place is really spacious, so I'm sorry I can't take a picture in every spot there..

Even when comes to the menu, they use organizer book menu to give an element of library.. International and some middle eastern dishes is on the menu..

That nite we had a complete dinner course, from appetizer to dessert.. So, let's see..

My set of Hot Lemon Tea (21K), complete with white sugar cubes and brown sugar..

And E had this Berry Family (35K), mixed berry fruit juice.. It's sweet, sour, and so refreshing..

Started off with Crunchy Breaded Mushroom (43K), fresh button mushroom fried with breaded batter and come with tomato salsa dip.. It was nice, juicy on the inside, but a bit too pricey I guess for 5 pieces of mushroom for me hehe..

Next, I had this Chicken Shawarma (69K) from their middle eastern dishes.. Its a marinated and roasted chicken strips with garlic and pickles stuffed in pita bread with hummus tabouleh, and served with french fries.. It's delicious and quite appetizing..

And E had this Seafood Linguine Marinara (79K), al-dente linguine cooked with prawns, squids, and mussels in mild tomato sauce base.. It was totally delicious.. A good choice for seafood lovers, the seafood was fresh..

For an after dinner sweet treat, we opted this Volcano Chocolate Espresso (39K), stack of vanilla ice cream, chocolate espresso scone, and whip cream.. What a great combination, the icy cold vanilla ice cream really went well with the chocolate scone.. Yummyy..

Overall, we were impressed with Bibiliotheque ambiance, cozy and warm.. Really a new hip place to be in Jakarta at this time.. This place attracts large number of diners on weekends, so do make reservation, or you may have to wait..

Sampoerna Strategic Square
South Tower B, Ground Floor No. 8
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45-46
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 57956978

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