Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I-Ta Suki Restaurant

Back in August 2009.. Finally, this was our first steamboat we ever dine together hehe.. We went to newly opened I-Ta Suki Restaurant branch in EX and luckily we still got 30% off for their opening promotion at that time..

Located under the escalator, I-Ta Suki located in spacious space with a hint of garden theme..

Racks of refrigerator to choose your own fresh steamboat ingredients.. They have various different ingredients..

We have 2 kinds soup, original (left) and tom yum (right).. All we need is just be patient till the soup boiling..

And these what we had for the steamboat..

1 Pax Swekiau (17.8K), as I remembered it's shrimp and minced chicken on it..

1 Pax Sirloin Roll Enoki (27.8K), golden mushroom wrapped with sliced sirloin beef..

A plate of Fish Glue (19.8K), fish paste made from fresh fish and sticks to the plate.. The hot soup was pouring all over the fish paste constantly to release it from the plate and cook it in steamboat.. It tasted good, and had a bouncy texture..

Next we had 1 pax Veggies (29.8K) which include already with the soup.. Golden Mushroom (16.8K).. Green Noodle (18.8K), homemade spinach noodles.. Prawn Sandwich (22.8K), prawn paste stuffed within tofu and seaweed in triangle shape.. Fried Stuffed Tofu (18.8K), fish paste stuffed in fried fluffy tofu..

Then.. Throw in all the ingredients and wait till cooked..

Ok.. Ready to eat..E love the tom yum soup version, the soup was not too spicy or sour.. It just nice in taste.. But I stick to the original one, it's sweet and nice in taste after we put in all ingredients..

While waiting our foods to cooked, we ordered this Cristal Dumplings Dim Sum (14.8K), looks like xiao long bao, but it tasted like hakao.. As I remembered it is a shrimp on it and tasted nice..

The steamboat really goes well with their tasty dipping sauce.. It was a blend of spicy and sour, nice!

Let's eat.. Oh ya I almost forgot, do you notice the strands of thick flat white noodles in my bowl? That's a Fish Noodles (16.8K), noodles made of the processed fish (sorry I didn't take a pic before it cooked).. And the flat white in square shape is the cooked fish glue.. Both nice and tasty, there's no fishy smell..

I-Ta Suki is a good place to have steamboat and other Chinese dishes but for the price we think it's a slightly high.. But at least with that price, we were given absolutely fresh ingredients, meats, and veggies..

I-Ta Suki Restaurant
EX Plaza Indonesia
2nd Floor No. 1
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 13
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 3905600

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