Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yeayy something new here.. This is the first time we try an authentic Mexican cuisine in Jakarta, because it's quite rare to find a Mexican restaurant here..

Hacienda is the most authentic Mexican restaurant I found in Jakarta, located in Plaza Senayan Arcadia..

The ambiance here is really outstanding.. It was dimly lit and the layout was nice.. Once you step into this restaurant, you can really feel the warm Mexican ambiance..

The bar is a good place to enjoy your fave Mexican drink and to wait while waiting for your table..

And small lounge area right in front the bar.. Its decorated with some Mexican paintings hanging on the wall..

Move to their dining area.. The decoration is simple yet elegant, surrounded by glasses all over the dining area with wooden dining tables, comfortable sofas, and romantic dimmed lightnings really make the place suitable for just hanging out with friends or romantic couple dinners too..

Back to the food, so what we had here..

This was a one nice compliment, a big basket of Tortilla Chips that were accompanied by salsa dip to kick start our taste buds.. How can you eat in a Mexican restaurant without trying their salsa rite?

A non-alcoholic Shirley Temple (25K) for the drink.. It's a mix of lemon-lime, soda, grenadine with a touch of touch of cherry.. Tasted sweet and refreshing..

E had a Beef Burritos (79K), it's a huge burrito filled with lots of beef, cheese, rice, bean and salsa, then covered with tomato sauce and melted cheese.. The filling was well seasoned, the rice was subtly flavored, while the salsa and bean was just right.. I must say that this burrito was quite fulfilling dish, packed with flavor and delicious.. The filling was well seasoned..

I went with a much more simpler dish, a Chicken Quesadillas (59K), a grilled flour tortilla filled it up with cheese and grilled chicken breast served with trio of dips, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.. It grilled until the cheese has melt and glued the tortilla together in a supremely rich taste.. I love the tortilla's texture and the chicken meat was tender and tasty, it's very nice..

I think Hacienda has made us impress, they are success in serving a good authentic Mexican foods with a great taste and a high quality ingredients..We were very satisfied with the foods, services, and of course the ambiance here.. It's not a usual ambiance you can get in every restaurant in Jakarta.. Really a nice place to visit..

Hacienda Mexican Bar and Grill
Plaza Senayan Arcadia Unit X-105
Jl. New Delhi No. 9 Pintu I Senayan
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 57901444

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