Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FJ Bistro

We're really satisfied with our dinner a couple months ago in FJ Brasserie and after the visit we found out that they have two others restaurant one is FJ Rotisserie in Dharmawangsa area and the other is FJ Bistro in Kemang area.. This time we tried FJ Bistro first and FJ Rotisserie maybe in some other time..

The restaurant is placed behind their boutique, unfortunately the boutique was closed already when we arrived.. The concept is really very simple, a cozy restaurant with a minimalist approach..

The interior is stark, spacious and lofty dominated by white and... Tables are arranged in a good distance apart for dining and your conversation privacy.. With an open kitchen concept we can see their pizza grill, which I believe it's actually not a wood fire but it still can baked a perfect pizza crust..

They also have a sizeable and nice outdoor seating area to enjoy your tea time and indulge yourself with some cakes and pastry from their deli..

And here it is their deli, they serve assorted homemade cakes, breads, and cookies which is really nice to go with your tea..

This cozy restaurant serves a contemporary Italian cuisine..

Of course the Italian meal always begin with a basket of breads served with butter..

We always has a pasta and pizza for Italian dinner, so no different this time..

When we had a dinner in FJ Bistro, we really like their spicy cajun sausage on pizza, so this time we try it on pasta.. We ordered Spicy Cajun Beef Sausage Fettuccine (90K), a homemade fettuccine sauteed with spicy cajun beef sausage and chili pickles in a light olive oil and white wine.. Tasted like we expected, the cajun sausage is crunchy, juicy, and full of spice.. The dish was light and flavourful, and the fettuccine was cooked to a perfect bite.. Mmm loved it..

On the menu they have several toppings for pizza that we interested to and we can't decide which one the most delicate pizza topping.. So we asked the waiter to combine all four topping that we like to try hehe.. So here it is we had the Mixed Pizza (90K), it's a combined of four toppings; Hawaiian Pizza, Pollo Con Fruitti di Fungi Pizza, Jalapenos Pizza which is come with a really spicy jalapenos chili, and Prosciutto & Cherry Tomato Pizza.. It's really nice, each topping came with two slices.. I liked the pizza crust was thin but not too cracker-like and they quite generous with the topping.. The cheese and tomato was in perfect balance..

It was a very satisfactory dinner, the pasta and pizza were beyond our expectation.. The price might be on the high side, but I think its worth it due to the excellent service and great food taste using quality ingredients.. And the place is really perfect to impress your dates..

FJ Bistro & Deli
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 25
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 7182736

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