Monday, February 01, 2010

Ichiban Sushi

Thinking of what to eat in Mall Kelapa Gading (MKG) has always been a headache with the overwhelming choices of restaurants.. Wandered around in MKG and finally we find this new restaurant that we have not explored, Ichiban Sushi..

From their name, I assume that they are good in sushi dish.. They served not only a fusion sushi but there also some Japanese dishes.. The menu here is quite various and attractive, it takes some time for us to decide what to order..

The interior is modern with an open kitchen concept and dominated by red color, but it still has a Japanese style and you also can choose to seat in their tatami tables..

Here we go, we started with this fried sushi Cosmoplotitan (25K), a fried sushi filled with beef teriyaki and mozzarella cheese.. This is not a usual sushi I've eaten, but it turn out to be good.. It's crispy outside and the melted cheese goes well with the chewy rice..

And another one is Tiger Fire (32K), a sushi filled with prawn tempura and coated with tuna floss.. The prawn tempura was fresh and crisp, the rice roll was quite thick, and the fish floss was added the sweetish taste.. Such a pretty decent roll..

Not only the sushi we also tried Katsu Yakiudon (27K), fried udon served with deep fried chicken cutlet.. The fried udon was good and the chicken cutlet also crispy, but I think that the portion was on the small side..

Actually we also ordered the Chicken Teppanyaki (30K) but I forgot to take the picture, E finished it so fast haha.. The chicken teppanyaki tasted so so only..

I can say that their Japanese dishes was just ok, their sushi was great, they really creative in their fusion style sushi.. The sushi was various, fresh, and tasty.. And for the price, I think it's still a value for money dish (tax include already in the price).. I will return for their other sushi variations...

Ichiban Sushi
Mall Kelapa Gading II, 2nd floor #314
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading Blok M
Sentra Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 45842708

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