Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mochi Creamery

Yeaah finally I'm finish posting about Singapore's food review from my trip last year.. And the last post is about Singaporean dessert, Mochi Creamery.. Mochi Creamery is another product line from Beard Papa's Cream Puffs, and they haven't opened any branch yet in Jakarta, I'm so excited to try it..

The store is located adjacent to the Beard Papa's stall, Mochi Creamery has 20 various flavors of mochi ice cream with attractive different colors..

The store display these realistic and colorful mochi ice cream dummies on glass panel and look each model was dusted with artificial white powder, just like a real mochi and so attractive.. So many flavors to choose, make me hard to choose which flavor to eat.. But finally we tried only these several flavors..

The Green Tea Mochi, the mochi skin was evenly dusted with green tea powder, soft, and chewy.. The green tea ice cream had a red bean bits and really blend well with ice cream.. Yummyy..

The Pistachio Mochi, a pale green pistachio flavored ice cream with lovely crushed of pistachio nuts..

E opted the Tiramisu Mochi, the mochi filled with tiramisu flavored coffee ice cream, and dusted with cocoa power..

Next is the Blueberry Mochi, a blueberry ice cream stuffed in chewy mochi.. The ice cream tasted creamy and fruit but not too sweet, it was really refreshing..

We also bought 1 box of it to enjoy it in our hotel, it contains 6 pcs mochi and the box they used is specially design to keep the dry ice on it, so that the ice cream will still be cold for at least 2 hours.. See they also packed it neatly one by one.. And the best way to enjoy your mochi ice cream is to let it thaw for about 5-6 minutes in room temperature before eat it..

All mochi flavors costs SGD 2.00, yup a bit expensive yaa but its really good.. I haven't try all flavors but I'm sure other flavors will taste just as good as I've tried.. The mochi skin has a nice texture and the flavored ice cream is creamy enough, really combined well to give a unique and delicious taste.. So, this post will mark the end of my Singapore's foods post from my trip last year.. Really such a great trip!!

Mochi Creamery
Unit B2-07-9-1 Food Hall
391 Orchard Road
Tel. (65) 62388819

Bugis Junction
Unit B1-12A Food Hall
230 Victoria Street
Tel. (65) 63360800


crazy lil outspoken girl said...

OMG..i want these babies!!!
semoga cepet buka cabang di jkt yah

godz said...

I don't think it's the same
But have you tried the mochilla at Grand Indonesia?'s just below DQ....
I just curious about the comparison...hehehe...I heard they have Ichigo daifuku