Saturday, February 27, 2010

Loewy - revisit

We've been to Loewy before for a dinner, but we never try their brunch.. Yup.. It was a lovely brunch @ Loewy.. We are not always have a time for brunch, but we really enjoy the brunch menu sometime..

The interior of the bistro with its high ceiling and beautiful white brick walls was designed to bring a New York style bistro atmosphere.. Such a nice ambiance to enjoy your meals..

We promptly seated at this gorgeous little terrace by overlooking the building's front yard..

It was really refreshing to start your day with a glass of fresh juice.. This was a Guava Juice (20K), this is the real 100% juice made from guava..

I was prefer something sweets for my brunch, so this Pancake (65K) would be a great choice, I choosed blueberry pancakes which came with maple syrup, sausage and fresh fruits.. There are three choices of pancakes that you can choose; plain, blueberry, or dark chocolate chips.. Not only that, you also can choose either sausage or bacon.. It was simple and such an enjoyable meal..

And E opted a complete 2 Eggs Any Style Breakfast Menu (40K), 2 scrambled organic eggs comes with sausage, hash brown, and whole wheat toast.. Yup, you can choose any style of egg you like; fried sunny side up, hard boiled or soft, scrambled or poached.. And do you like sausage or beef bacon? It's all your choice.. The dish was fulfilling, E said the sausage was great and he enjoyed the rest as well..

Maybe some people would say that the price here is pricey, but we would say, quality comes with a price rite? hehe..I definitely recommend the brunch lovers to check out this place..

Shopping Arcade @ Oakwood
Premier Cozmo Ground Floor North
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 25542378

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