Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last Sunday, I met up with some friends to LOEWY for dinner.. LOEWY is one of the happening places lately which located in Oakwood Building at Kuningan area..

The interior is a mix of historic white brick wall, wooden flooring, and bright light give a sparse industrial-style to their decor.. It's a good looking place..

LOEWY is typically French in style restaurant and bar that serves Asian and European food, cocktails, and wine selections..

This one of their cocktail, Rapsberry Cheesecake Tini (75K)

Next, what we ate..

Beef Burger (85K)

Chicken Confit (80K), well braised chicken with sauteed potatoes and veggies..

Escargot (40K)

Garoupa Fish with Soybean Sauce (65K), served with steamed rice and its really nice from their Asian food selections..

Lasagna (70K), looked so creamy..

Mini Croque Monsieur Campagnard (20K).. A little disappointed with my ordered.. I never expect this mini croque will come like simply wheat toast with smoked beef and cheese on it, not a hot ham and melted cheese on grilled sandwich huhu.. But maybe because it was the mini size, I don't know about their normal Croque which cost 80K, it should be better than this..

The dinner is not complete without dessert, so we ended with these desserts..

Melted Triple Chocolate Cake (30K), is their best dessert, a must dessert when you visit LOEWY.. Actualy this dessert should come up with three chocolate choices; dark, milk, and white chocolate, but you can ask what you prefered to.. This time we asked for two whites and one dark, but the white always be my fave..

Chocolate Souffle (30K), served with chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream..

LOEWY is a rite place for your free time, leisure and relaxation.. I've been here several times, and I've always been impressed with the ambiance of the place.. It's worth trying out

Shopping Arcade @ Oakwood
Premier Cozmo Ground Floor North
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 25542378


Dr. B said...

Enak seh buat nongkrong malem malem hehe just went there last week... sayang yah makanan nya STD abis...

the triple melted choco juga biasa aja. uda perna coba yg di cork en screw? itu enak deh hehe

Lolo said...

Yup setuju banget ama u makanannnya STD, kayanya engga nambah2 yang baru yaa..tiap kali mau makan kesana bingung milih nya juga hehe..

triple melted choco nya uda coba yang di cork n screw, mirip2 gue engga bisa bedain banget2 hehe