Friday, May 08, 2009

En Japanese Dining Restaurant

OK Let's turn now to Japanese foods.. It's not the first time we went to En Japanese Dining Bar, we usually got here to enjoy their best seller dessert Honey Bread @ their Plaza Indonesia branch..

The entrance..

Unique place inside Senayan City..

This time we want to try their dishes..

The setup in this restaurant is pretty chic..

Nice ambiance, gorgeous decor

Two Hot Ocha (24K), it's refill..

Let's eat...

That nite, I craved for a soupy food, Buta Tumire Udon (89K), it's udon, pork meat balls, mushroom, veggies in kimchi soup.. Its tasted so so

And E ordered Mixed Somen (48K), it's somen with veggies and bonito flakes.. It's like thin rice noodle (tepatnya kaya bihun medan sih hehe) tasted bland so we asked for teriyaki sauce to put on it and went better with it hehe..

In my opinion, the price here is not cheap if you treat it as usual Japanese Restaurant and I think the dishes are not my liking.. However, I'll be back later for their Honey Bread.. Mmmm

En Japanese Dining Restaurant
Senayan City Mall
Crystal Lagoon Area LG Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika Senayan
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 72781603

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