Monday, May 11, 2009

Lembang Kencana

Last Saturday was a holiday, it's a Vessak Day.. So we managed a one day trip to Bandung with my frenz.. When we arrived in Bandung early morning, we straight head to Lembang.. Lembang is located in the north of Bandung, the weather is cooler and fresher than Bandung..

And our first stop was this Lembang Kencana Restaurant, this restaurant is more like ranch for me hehe.. The restaurant offers milk, yogurts in all kinds of flavors, and regular Sundanese foods..

We were here to have a quick breakfast and of course to drink their Fresh Cow Milk.. Other than plain milk they offer several flavors like; Mocca, Strawberry, Chocolate, Coffee..

We ordered Plain Hot Milk (7K) and Chocolate Hot Milk (7K).. Tasted really fresh and its warm us up in the bright windy morning...

Strawberry Yogurt (12K), its fresh cold yogurt with strawberry juice for my friend who doesn't like milk (^_^)

Shake it...

And some toast to complete our breakfast; Strawberry Cheese Toast (6.5K) and Chocolate Cheese Toast (6.5K).. Not really good, couldn't taste the cheese hehe..

The milk is fresh from their own cattle and you can proof it by just walk out to the back..

One happy cow family hehe...

Lembang Kencana Restaurant
Jl. Raya Lembang No. 303
Tel. (62 22) 2787183

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