Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nanny's Pavillon

Still in Bandung.. For the lunch we went to pancake house that just opened recently, Nanny's Pavillon as a recommendation from my brother, coz he knew I'll love thus place since I'm a pancake lover hehe.. And he was absolutely rite, I love this place!

The entrance and the line of people waiting to be seated... Nanny's Pavillon located next to Blackmarket Factory Outlet..

You can enjoy pancakes, waffles, pasta, baked rice, and others here..

The first time I stepped foot into Nanny's Pavillon, I just fell in-love with this place.. The place looks so nice! I love the way they deco this place.. It's a pavillion surrounded by white wooden fence in the middle of garden with simple interior which is relaxing and practical..

And an open kitchen in the middle of the room.. This is the most adorable pancake house I've ever seen..

It was packed with food goers..

Ok let's start our lunch, firstly the drinks..

Mango Milkshake (15K)

Ice Tea (8K)

Hot Tea (8K)

We ordered many different dishes..

Mushroom Pasta (27K), creamy fettuccine with fried mushroom.. Not creamy and tasty enough..

Carbonara Pasta (25K), fettuccine with smoked beef in carbonara sauce..

Beef Baked Rice (26K), baked rice with brown sauce topped with beef meatballs and melted cheese.. The brown sauce really goes well with the rice, but sadly the meatballs is a bit hard..

Chicken Baked Rice (24K), baked rice with brown sauce topped with chicken meats and melted cheese..

Mushroom Waffle (18K), waffle topped with melted mozarella cheese, cream, and mushroom.. Mmm I love mushroom..

And this was what my brother said a must try menu Meatball Brown Cheesy (18K), pancake topped with beef meatballs, brown sauce, cream, and melted mozarella cheese.. It's turned out that his recommendation was right, he's got good taste haha..

Next Peach Pancake (25K), peach inside the thick pancake served with vanilla ice cream.. It's really yummmyyy, this was the best dish for me on that lunch.. the pancake was warm, fluffy, went well with vanilla ice cream..

Strawberry Pancake (24K), pancake served with vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce...

The lunch was so delicious, much better than I expected, and yummy enough to get me thinking about coming back next time I visit Bandung again.. And their price is cheaper compare to other pancake houses in Jakarta.. It's a must visit place in Bandung hehe

Nanny's Pavillon
@ Black Market Factory Outlet
Jl. R.E. Martadinata / Jl. Riau No. 112
Tel. (62 22) 4271537


babalisme said...

been here too, nice place indeed.

felix said...

I hope for the PP would be great, vibrant and better than the previous nannys