Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Taste Resto

This time I would be introducing the local food which I had a last week at Grand Indonesia.. Again?? Yup, Grand Indonesia has been one of my fave mall in Jakarta.. The Taste Resto serves an Indonesian cuisine and it's originated from Bandung..

The place is so simple, bright and comfy enough to enjoy your meals..

We very excited to try this Indo Sushi (27K), five pieces of sushi that comes with different Indonesian dish on it.. There are sushi with tempe, sushi with floss and topped with kremesan/crispy batter, and sushi with spicy chicken liver.. We never find a sushi with an Indonesian taste before.. Apparently, the taste is not as special as it looked.. It was so so only, the sushi was made from ordinary rice..

Tempeh Penyet - Smashed Tempeh (9K), two pieces of deep fried tempeh/soybean cake flatten and topped with some chili..

I ordered Mie Tek Tek Rebus (28K), an Indonesian noodle with tomato, veggies, shredded chicken stewed in some spices topped with tapioca crackers and fried shallots served on mini wok pan.. The dish was slightly soupy, a bit spicy with a hint of sweetness, it brought out the best of both flavors..

And E was craved for rice dishes.. So he ordered Nasi Langgi (35K), a warm rice packed in small cone shape served with empal (fried beef), tempeh orek, shredded omelette, beef floss, chili potato chips, and belacan/shrimp paste chili.. It looked nice yaa and the tasted good too..

The foods here is pretty palatable and the price is also affordable.. It's quite a decent place to satisfy your Indonesian foods cravings..

The Taste Resto
Grand Indonesia - West Mall 5th Fl. MD 2 No. 3
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 23580513

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