Saturday, April 04, 2009

Fat Ya

Fat Ya is a new concept from The Duck King Group..
The foods here are almost like Asian fusion (Singapore, Hongkong) single dish..
They also had many variation of desserts..

That nite we just wanted a quick we tried their toast bread selection..
E ordered Toast Ice Cream Honey (26K)..

Toast Ice Cream Honey

Not really satisfied..they really chinchy (pelit) with the ice cream...the ice cream so tiny but the bread was big ughhhh...
Of course En Japanese Dining Bar's honey bread ice cream was far more better than this..Price can tell hehe (^_^)...

And I choosed Toast Raisin & Cereal (22K)...

Toast Raisin & Cereal

Sweet..sour..crunchy..this better than toast ice cream honey...

Fat Ya
Plaza Indonesia EX

4th Fl E.02

Central Jakarta

Tel. (62 21) 3107571

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