Saturday, April 25, 2009


Immigrant.. A new restaurant, bar, and lounge just opened @ Plaza Indonesia.. New place to hang out..

That nite I went with E and my friend C.. We got the table on open air terrace..

Great view of Thamrin St. from our table...

We didn't plan to have dinner so we just ordered mocktails..

Apple Mojito, tasted bland and a bit bitter with a scent of mint leaves...ugh didn't really like this one...

Passion Breeze, tasted more orange... The best among the others..

Virgin Suicide, tasted like watermelon and strawberry juice...

All these mocktails cost 53K, is a bit pricey, isn't it?.. After browsed their food menu, I thought their foods are vary, and the food price is more fairly than the drink.. So we'll back someday to try their foods..

Plaza Indonesia 6th floor No. E.02-03
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 39838257/58


Dr. B said...

Nice cocktail... my friend ordered cosmo and margarita, not bad

nice place but haven't tried the food, just went there for clubbing hehe

Lolo said...

Oh ya... Next time d, I'll try their cocktail..