Tuesday, April 21, 2009


BA-SO is a new concept restaurant from the established chained, Mister Baso..

Dining area..

Baso/meatball is a traditional and classic dish in Jakarta, almost everyone loves it.. BA-SO is a new restaurant that try to turn this classic dish into fusion cuisine with a foreign taste..

Here I grabbed a few pictures of their special creations from their menu..

Baso Mix/Mixed Meatball (20K)

Laksa (29K) and Ba-so Ikan-Don/Fish Ball-Don (26K)

We started our dinner with Satay Ba-so Udang/Shrimp Ball Swekers (23K), two swekers grilled shrimp ball coated with sweet sour sauce..

In here we can also create our own mix baso and the price charged per piece raging from 2.5K - 7K.. Here's what we created our bowl...

Tennis meatball, enoki mushroom, vermicelli, fish tofu, thai fishball with original beef broth..

Enoki mushroom, thai fishball, fish tofu, spicy meatball with original beef broth...

We thought the broth was too oily.. And the meatball is just ok..

BA SO by Mister Baso
Pluit Village 4th floor No.18
North Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 66602952

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