Friday, April 24, 2009

Warung Leko

Iga Penyet.. If I freely translated this dish into English, then it would be Smashed Ribs hehe.. I'm so curious when my brother tell me bout tasty Iga Penyet located in Pantai Indah Kapuk..

Actually there are two stalls famous for their Iga Penyet @ PIK; Warung Teko and Warung Leko.. These two stalls are always packed, especially on the weekend and during dinner time.. My brother has tried both stall, he said there is no significant different in their taste.. But in his opinion, Warung Leko is better for their Iga Penyet, and Warung Teko is better for other dishes..

So that nite we tried Warung Leko which originally from Surabaya..

Iced Teh Tarik (7K) jumbo size..

Iga Penyet (25K) is grilled ribs with sambal/chili.. what makes this so special is the sambal/chili.. you can choose the sambal to be hot or super hot, it was tangy, really spicy, with a touch of sweetness.. Its is really good to eat with warm Steamed Rice (3.5K)

Gurame Penyet (36K) is gurami fish had been deep-fried to a golden yellow and was very crispy on the outside, its served with sambal.. its will be the same sambal as Iga Penyet..

Cah Kangkung - Stir Fried Water Spinach (8K).. Its really nice..

Warung Leko
Ruko Cordoba Block F-19
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 30631423 / 0818321631


Gabby Hakim said...

waaahhhh aku br aja selesai makan dr sana lho say.. :)

Lolo said...

Hehe gmana enak kan? :)