Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PaneCook - revisit

I still curious with other pannekoek variations @ PaneCook since they have many variations that I haven't tried yet on my previous visit.. So I headed to PaneCook again on last Sunday with my fam and E.. The good thing from having dinner together with many people is that we can order many dishes to share.. hehe

So what we ordered...

My cousin ordered Avocado Adventure (23K), pannekoek with chocolate custard filling served with coffee sauce and avocado ice cream..

Banana Cheese (35K) for my auntie, pannekoek with sliced banana, cheese, and chocolate sauce..

I ordered Truly Blueberry (27K), pannekoek with blueberry sauce and blueberry ice cream.. Not really satisfied, the pannekoek is too small..

Lasagna Beef (28K), the layer was thin and the sauce not tasty enough.. Not good enough..

And these are some of their tasty dishes, and we order two portions of each dish to share.. haha rakus yaa...

Pizza Pannekoek (38K), pannekoek with bolognese sauce, sausages, and mozarella cheese toppings.. The favorite one..

Smoked Beef Ham & Cheese (30K), pannekoek served with sauteed smoked beef, onion, and mushroom, topped with cheese and mayonaise..

Crusted Dory Cheese Fettucine (39K), fettucine topped with deep fried dory fish, mushroom, and cream sauce..

Overall.. we did enjoy our meals..

Puri Indah A3/3
West Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 5811466

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