Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marche Restaurant

Marche Movenpick Restaurant... After closing their outlet in Kuningan next to Grand Melia Hotel, and being breifly absent from Jakarta, Now Marche just opened again in Jakarta @ Plaza Senayan... I'm sure some food goers already familiar with Marche..

When you entering the restaurant, you will be given a card that records the purchase for each food ordered.. Once the food is ordered, that particular food station's chef will stamp on your card, so you'll have the card for billing upon your exit.. However, please keep your card carefully, coz people who lost the card would incur 1 Million Rupiah (1000K).

Once your foot step into this restaurant, you will feel like in a market atmosphere. They have an interesting concept of a bunch of nice looking food stations serving different kinds of food..Marche offers typical Swiss meals, like pasta, rosti, sandwiches, vegetables, rotisserie, and desserts..The display of food and its raw material is very clean, neat, and freshly prepared..

The interior design with natural wood and log furniture..

That nite I ordered Marche Savoury Crepe (72K) and add an extra Mushroom Topping (10K). Its a bit pricey yaa just for a crepe, but its tasted really good, the crepe is thin with generous fillings; Smoked Beef, Mushroom, Cheese..Hmmm Yummyy...

E opted Grilled Chicken Breast (32K) with Mashed Potato (10K), the chicken is tender..

Next, Plain Beef Sausage (46K), a full flavored sausage, full of tasty..

Marche provides a different dining experience..Experience a relaxed and comfortable Swiss atmosphere.. But, this new Marche is smaller and more expensive than the old one in Kuningan...

Marche Restaurant
Plaza Senayan, 5th floor, Unit CP 500
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 57905856


ThomasSjamsul said...

Dear "Taste Buds to share" thanks for writing the interesting review to your visit at Marche Plaza Senayan;
I would like to give you some update on our new swiss village style marche'; actually we are bigger than the previous Marche, we can seat 430 people ,have 2 levels (1 mezzanine)-several little cabins for romantic dinner/or lunch function and conference room.
The reason some of the food or Juice items seem more expensive is,that we use mostly organic products , no preservatives or additives and even our sausages ar homemade to swiss recipe with local natural ingredience (by Rumah Asap) and spices.
Potatoes coming from US and Canada, apples from new zealand,oranges from california,Black Angus Premium Beef from Australia.
Biotic chicken from Indonesia etc.
All our portions are very generous given; for example 1 orange juice in any other mall is 200 ml and they put Ice cubes in the glass before the pure the juice at Marche you recieve 300 ml pure organic orange juice and ice is only added afterwards if you request it.
I hope i could explain some of the diffrences and be happy to show you around on your next visit.
for some interesting pictures you can go enable the english language button and search for the location jakarta (some really nice pics).
my freshest regards,
Thomas Sjamsul
Quality Manager Indonesia
Marche International

Lolo said...

Thanx ya for your update :)