Sunday, April 05, 2009


Here it is.. Another place to go for all pancake lovers.. PaneCook located in Puri Indah.. They serve any kind of pannekoek, Dutch pancake style which is slightly thicker than crepe but not thick as pancake.. Not only focus on pannekoek, PaneCook also serves selections of pasta, fried rice, and soup..

Home style restaurant ambiance..

Balado Fried Rice

Balado Fried Rice (25K) for E, spicy fried rice with sliced beef... Nice for spicy food lovers..

Tuna Pannekoek

Last visit, I already tried Pizza Pannekoek, its really nice..So this time I ordered Tuna Pannekoek (25K), savoury pancake with tuna salad... The Pannekoek was freshly cooked and the tuna was good...But still Pizza Pannekoek is better...

Sweet Pannekoek Selection

The pannekoek here serves in two ways; sweet pannekoek and savoury pannekoek.. We were too full to order their sweet pannekoek for dessert.. But here I grabbed some pictures to set you drooling (^_^)v and they still have many more variations..

Puri Indah A3/3
West Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 5811466

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