Thursday, October 01, 2009

Toi Hokkaido Rice Pizza

Ok as my promise, here is another food journey in Hong Kong, Toi Hokkaido Rice Pizza.. Yup rice pizza, something new that we can't find out in Jakarta.. We are familiar with rice burger here, but there's none rice pizza so far.. The Italian has a dough based pizza, but the Japanese has a rice based pizza.. And now by combining the western and eastern cuisine really produces a unique and fabulous dish..

They opened two branches in Causeway Bay area, and this one is nearer to Excelsior Hotel..

The replicas of the food at the glass panel is very tantalizing and interesing.. Its like the replicas we found in Pasta de Waraku here..

We seated in second floor..

The place is neat and quite small..

We were promptly seated at this gorgeous little spot by the window overlooking the crowd in Causeway Bay area..

The menu not only rice pizza, but there also pasta, okonomiyaki, and others Japanese dish..

And also some Japanese desserts..

Hmm rice pizza? Seems an interesting concept yaa, let's we try..

Ok to start our lunch we ordered this yummy Curry Japanese Croquette (HKD 28.8/IDR 37.5K), deep fried curry flavor mashed potato..

It was perfectly crisp on the outside, yet flavorful and smooth on the inside..

And for the rice pizza, we ordered Toi Special Rice Pizza - regular size (HKD 75.8/IDR 98.5K).. It's a rice based pizza covered with tomato sauce and topped with mushroom, bacon, beef, cheese, lots of onion, and green pepper..

Not bad, but not good either.. The rice pizza was just average, the rice couldn't stick in whole piece and not tasty enough I think their need more cheese and tomato sauce on it.. I still prefer to dough based pizza hehe.. But it's nice to try to get rid of our curiosity..

Toi Hokkaido Rice Pizza
Shop 6-8, Ground Floor
Excelsior Plaza, Yee On Bldg.
24-26 East Point Rd.
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel. 28825335

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