Sunday, October 04, 2009

Maxim's Palace

I still have more Hong Kong foods.. Let's we continue.. Enjoying a dim sum in Hong Kong is a quintessential food experience that you can't miss it.. From the information that I got, Maxim's Palace dim sum is the great place to have a authentic dim sum.. So, we headed to City Hall to try it..

The restaurant is large with a huge chandeliers and views of the harbour..

The interesting thing here is the way they serve the foods instead of ordering on a menu, they have some waiters walk past with trolleys full of dim sum and you choose what you want.. I think it's so much easier to have trolleys roll by and all you have to do is just point and eat, effective rite? So you won't get the wrong dim sum..

The place is massive and packed..

So we will start with some traditional dim sum choices, and also locals' favorites..

Cha Siu Bao - Barbecued Pork Bun, soft and fluffy steam bun with BBQ pork filling..

Such a generous filling..

Siew Mai - Pork Dumpling, minced pork and prawn wrapped in wantan skin.. Really a delicate siew mai..

Ha Kao - Steam Shrimp Dumpling, steamed fresh prawn in supper thin and translucent wrapper..

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun - Prawn in Rice Noodle Roll, prawn wrapped in rice noodle paper drizzled with some soy sauce like sauce on the dish.. The rice noodle paper was soft, the prawn was springy freshness, and the sauce making it slightly salty and sweet.. Delicious..

Fried Prawn Dumpling, deep fried dumpling with juicy and fresh prawn filling.. It was crispy on the outside, nice and full of filling on the inside..

Here comes the Egg Tarts, flaky based pastry with sweet egg custard filling.. It was quite superb not too sweet, creamy, and rich in taste..

Haha we just realized almost all dim sum we ordered had a prawn on it.. But really the prawn was so fresh and springy.. So nice..

The dim sum here is delicate and also reasonable in price (sorry I forgot the exact price).. The place is always packed, so it's better to come early so you won't run out of your fave dim sum.. It was too bad for me, I was run out of my fave one, BBQ Pork Bolo Bun huhu.. Maxim's Palace is really a good choice to have an authentic Hong Kong dim sum, they also have many varieties of it.. Ok stay tune for more on Hong Kong foods next time yaa..

Maxim's Palace
7 Edinburgh Place,
2/F City Hall, Low Block
Central, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11 AM - 3 PM

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