Friday, October 23, 2009

Ocean Empire

Back to more photos of Hong Kong, I’m still not done yet! When we in Hong Kong, surely we won't miss one of Hong Kong's popular and local delicacies, congee.. Lighter than rice make the congee easier to stomach, such a humble dish.. Here's one of famous eatery for local taste congee, Ocean Empire..

The shop is decorated in simple way, tidy, and clean.. It may not be easy to get the seat during peak hours..

She was making a rice rolls, and they maintain the hygiene and cleanness in the kitchen.. That's really good..

So far, in Jakarta we only familiar with a savory kinds of congee, but this local eatery serves not only the savory one but there some kinds of sweet congee, they put pumpkin and sweet corn on it.. I saw many local people loved this dish, but we still opted the savory one. They cook congees with many different choices healthy and fresh ingredients..

E ordered this Sotong/Cuttlefish Congee, they put a lot sotong/cuttlefish on it.. Its tasted really good, and E loved it, he said he hasn't found out kind of congee in Jakarta so far..

And I choose this Fish Congee, looked nothing different with the cuttlefish congee yaa hehe..

But dig it you'll find out generous fresh fish slices.. The porridge was smooth and tasty..

This was so crispy... Fried Cruller/Chinese Doughnut, always have a fried cruller to dip into the congee.. Its really nice, crunchy but soft on the inside, really goes well with the congee..

We also ordered this Rice Rolls with Chinese Doughnut, we drizzled it with soy sauce.. The rice rolls was smooth, thin, and as always the Chinese Doughnut was crispy..

Not only congees, they also famous with their local Cantonese snacks, deep fried Chinese doughnut/crullers, twisted doughnut, fried sesame ball, and ricesheet roll/chee zhong fun..

Ocean Empire provides the good traditional Cantonese dishes at the least price.. I'm always come here when I'm in Hong Kong, they really have a Cantonese local taste.. This eatery also quite familiar to Indonesian tourist, you'll find many Indonesian tourist eat here..

Ocean Empire
Shop No. 4-5, Excelsior Plaza
24-26 East Point Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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