Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hey guys.. I think I'll postponed my review about Hong Kong foodies, coz I still have many local restaurants to review.. Hehe

So, what's new in Plaza Indonesia Extension? When we came to PI Extension, we found out that two new stylish restaurants, Canteen and Marmalade Pantry just opened.. Which one better? Let's check it out..

We gave it a try first to Canteen.. Canteen is a restaurant/cafe affiliated to Aksara bookstore, and they opened side by side with the bookstore..

The place should be some kind of cozy and comfortable if it is not too packed.. It was Saturday nite when we came, and it was really packed.. Even though we've booked already by phone, we still being seated in an uncomfortable spot, the table is too small to dine and the space between the tables too close.. It was not nice, we can't really enjoyed the ambiance..

Take a look, what's on the menu..

The menu is vary from Asian, sandwich, pizza...

Western, and pasta..

For the drinks, we ordered..

Iced Coffee (16K)

Hot Chamomile Tea (20K)

And what's for dinner...

Here I opted from sandwich selection, Pesto Chicken Wrap (45K).. Grilled pesto chicken breast and lettuce wrapped with tortilla skin served with french fries and salad.. It's good, the chicken was tender..

The side dish can be changed and actually I already asked the waiter to change it with grilled baby potato.. But it still came up with french fries, and when I complaint to them, they gave me this free grilled baby potato for their mistake.. I liked the grilled baby potato, it just tasted right to my liking..

And this is it, Crispy Chicken Roll (55K) that we've waited sooo long.. E ordered it, it's a deep fried chicken breast roll stuffed with mushroom on top of mashed potato and drenched with mushroom sauce.. It was tasty and savory..

The manager knew that E was really pissed off since his order took time sooo long.. So the manager gave us this free dessert Cream Puffs with Chocolate Sauce (30K), six pieces of mini vanilla cream puffs dusted with powder sugar and served with a cup of chocolate sauce.. Hmm yummyyy..

The food here is OK, the price is also OK, and the place is nice.. Perhaps because they had just opened it, so it's normal when there are some lacks, but the important is they have to work harder to fix it and getting better soon.. I'm still wanna try their other foods and enjoy their cozy ambiance and I hope the next time I go there, they'll be better in services and timing..

Plaza Indonesia Extension
5th Floor #E02, E10
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 3156537

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