Monday, June 14, 2010

Mr. Curry

It doesn't take a long time for Ismaya Group to launch their another new brand restaurant after the Kitchenette @ Plaza Indonesia.. This time they are introducing Mr. Curry (Japanese Curry & Sweet House), a franchise restaurant from Singapore..

The exterior is wise, very attractive with some plastic mock-ups of the different type of dishes were magnificently displayed with bright lighting to attract patrons over.. This reminded me of some restaurant like Pasta de Waraku and Waraku, which I think is still under the same company in Singapore, you can check it out in their site..

And the interior is also had an interesting concept, it designed like a country kitchen decorated with some kitchen utensils..

Dominated with wooden tables and chairs, the place was comfy, neat, and bright..

The menu is all about curry.. But surely not just an ordinary curry dish.. So what's makes this so special? Let's check it out.. Various fusion dishes they serve here.. Japanese curry with ramen, Japanese curry with spaghetti, even some various Indian naan served here..

For the starter, we tried Indian selection Tandoori Chicken Naan (48K), a freshly baked cheese flat bread/naan topped with sliced tandoori chicken.. The bread was soft, a bit fluffy, and chewy..

As a tofu and noodle lover, of course I choosed a fusion Chinese and Japanese dish Mapo Tofu Curry Ramen (58K), a ramen in spicy curry gravy with tofu cubes, minced beef, sliced tofu skin puff, half boiled egg, and be careful with that chili padi hehe..

The noodle might look like an instant noodle, but trust me it didn't taste like it though.. I love their skin tofu puff, nyumzz..

E got Chicken Mushroom Omelette Curry Rice (58K), steamed rice wrapped in an omelette of chicken and mushroom with original curry sauce served separately on the side and a bowl of salad.. For omelette curry rice dish, we can choose from among 4 kinds of curry; original, red sauce, black sauce, and white sauce with different sauce base and also the level of spiciness.. The original one is a recommended one and it was good, but we'll try another sauce next time..

Mr. Curry has wide variety of curry dishes and dessert to choose from, really left us spoilt for choice.. Browse their dessert selections, stick cakes and dorayaki ice cream both are so attractive and really tempting.. We would return again to try it and other curry dishes..

Mr. Curry
Grand Indonesia
West Mall, Level 3A
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta

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