Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bandar Djakarta

Yeaahh seafood time, most people love seafood very much and so does E.. But I don't really like seafood, when I came to seafood restaurant I can only eat their side dishes.. Poor E, he must be missed the seafood so much since we rarely eat seafood.. This time E opted Bandar Djakarta in Ancol to satisfy his craving..

Bandar Djakarta on weekend is always crowded.. With an open air dining area, dine by the beach, its really a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the seafood..

For the drink, a fresh Coconut Fruit.. Sweet, refreshing, and the flesh was also soft and tender..

To start with we ordered their Tahu Ondel, its a stuffed fried tofu.. This is my only fave here, we ordered two portions haha.. It's fried tofu stuffed with assortment of veggies..

Generous with the filling, there are carrot cubes, potato cubes, and mushroom.. Eat with its chili, oohh it's so nice.. The deep fried crust was very crispy and it create an extra crunch to each mouthful..

Grilled Kuwe Fish, we opted sweet and spicy sauce for the grilling.. The fish was just perfectly cooked..

Fried Squid, chewy inside and crunchy outside.. E finished it all..

Lastly, for the green we ordered Kangkung Belacan/Shrimp Paste Water spinach.. It cooked very well with the shrimp paste, it tasted spicy and tangy..

Sorry I'm not tell you about the price, I forgot to take the receipt.. I'm quite sure most of seafood lover is already familiar with Bandar Djakarta, they serve a fresh and live seafood with affordable price..

Bandar Djakarta
East Gate
Taman Impian Jaya Ancol
North Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 6455472/6554

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