Wednesday, April 21, 2010


OK guys this is absolutely new.. Kitchenette finally opened its door recently in Plaza Indonesia, and we visited right away.. Kitchenette is a part of Ismaya Group, as you know their project always satisfy the food lovers..

Like their name Kitchenette, they designed the place resembles a homey country kitchen.. This cute little kitchenette in the corner is nice yaa..

And their actual kitchen in the middle, it's quite amusing to see the chef prepare the meals while waiting for our foods..

This concept restaurant is doing pretty well.. It's really a lovely spot to hang out..

Looks what they have here, pancake? waffle? Nooo, that's not special anymore, but here they offer something rare we can find around Jakarta.. Crepes and Galettes (a savoury crepes made from buckwheat flour).. They have various kinds of crepes and galettes, oh my God we wanted to try everything..

Surely we here to try their specialties, I ordered Edouard Galette (59K), savoury buckwheat crepe filled with sauteed mushroom, mozarella cheese, and a choice of pork or turkey ham, topped with salads mayonnaise.. I opted the turkey one.. It's thin but they put generous turkey ham and cheese on it.. Love it..

E ordered this Baked Crespelle (55K), it's a lasagna like dish, they create this lasagna using crepes instead of pasta and baked with chicken chunks with a hint of pesto sauce..

Seems like the portion is small for E, so he also ordered Spaghetti Carbonara (55K), spaghetti with bacon stirred in their special carbonara sauce.. The creamy smooth sauce all over the pasta, Mmm yummy..

When you're trying a new place, it's always good to try what's best on their menu, it'd be the safe and best bet rite? Those dishes we ordered are some of their recommended dish on menu..

Oh I love this place.. I like the ambiance and the food here, though the prices are a little on the high side, but worth it due to the excellent service and great food using quality ingredients.. We consider Kitchenette still affordable and not excessively expensive.. There are still some foods that I like to try and some coming soon menus, definitely will come back in real soon..

Plaza Indonesia L1 #E16
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Central Jakarta

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