Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Foood Kulture

It is not a restaurant and it is not a typical food courts that we used to find in malls.. So what is it? Foood Kulture is a boutique food court concept that have mushroomed all over Jakarta lately, they offering a nice and comfy atmosphere with various dishes to choose..

This boutique food court was set up not only for the patrons to enjoy the meal, but they also arranged a comfy place to hang out.. That's the reason why they designed the place so special..

The place is spacious with an industrial design and dominated by the woody colors and furniture.. So nice..

This is their dining area near the main entrance, but there is also a the lounge and bar area completed with cozy sofa in the back which is an ideal spot to get cozy and lay down...

Back to the food, this place has so many to offer, raging from local Indonesian and Asian to American dishes.. You'll be spoilt for the choices..

Ice Tea Tarik (14K)

So, what we had here.. We're in the mood for Asian cuisine, I ordered Curry Ramen (45K) from Ramen Sanpachi 38.. Yup this is the same Ramen Sanpachi like I used to eat in Pacific Place.. The ramen came in very thick gravy beef curry broth and I asked for level 2 of spiciness..

The whole bowl of noodles was so aromatic rich, so nice and really spicy..

E ordered Javanese Fried Noodle (28K) from Bakmi Aliong stall which serves many kinds of noodles.. It's a wok-tossed noodle with veggies, chicken, and topped with hard boiled egg.. It's spicy with a tint of sweetness..

The noodle texture is like lamian, so it is not an authentic Javanese noodle..

And for the dessert, we had Salted Egg Custard Bun (17.8K) from MayStar, it's a steamed bun filled with sweet egg custard.. A salted egg for a dessert? Trust me at the first I also doubted about its taste, but surprisingly it tasted delicate, sweet, soft, and tasty, it didn't smell like an egg at all..

Look at the filling, it was delicious! You have to eat it warm and be careful of how you bite it, one bite and the hot custard just oozed out.. Yummy..

Foood Kulture is the rite place when you are still don't know what your mood for food and when you come in you will be spoilt for choice that can arouse your appetite.. And for the price is on a high side if you compare with other ordinary food courts.. I can't complaint much about it, as we know the ambiance plays the important part..

Foood Kulture
Plaza Indonesia Extension 5th Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta

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