Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nanny's Pavillon - revisit

Does anyone crave for pancake? Or do you miss your fave one in Bandung? Here's Nanny's Pavilon comes nearer to us in Jakarta.. They just opened their new branch in Citywalk Sudirman.. Yippiieee..

Located near to the main entrance, the Nanny's Pavillon here is decorated in a living room theme..

Checking out the decor of the room, we're stunned by the amount of care that went into the interior design.. It looks amazing, a little dainty and very much welcoming.. And there is more intricate decorative detail in the back room..

What a cute and lovely outfit for the waiters..

I had my favorite one here, Peach Pancake (29K).. Sliced peaches on pancake with vanilla ice cream separated.. It tasted the same like I had in Bandung..

E tried the new menu, Grandma Chicken Pesto Waffle (24K), hot fluffy waffle covered with chicken chunks, pesto sauce and lots of melted cheese.. So creamy and tasty.. Nyumz..

I think that pancake and waffle is more for woman foods, for man it's may not full enough just had pancake or waffle.. So does E, he also ordered Chicken Mushroom Sandwich (30K), small thick white toast stuffed with grilled chicken, sliced cheese, and veggies served with french fries..

I love Nanny's Pavillon has opened their branch in Jakarta, it easier for me to satisfy my craving.. Yeaayy (^_^)v

Nanny's Pavillon
Citiwalk Sudirman, Ground Floor #21
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur No. 121
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 25556779

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