Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sinou Kaffee Hausen

After read some recommendation on magazine and several reviews on blogs about the unique interior and good foods from this place, we were curious to visit it.. Sinou Kaffee Hausen is a chic and unique cafe located in Panglima Polim area..

The place is full of vintage style furniture.. As their unique name, the place really designed in different ways from others cafe we usually visit..

With a wire fence as a separator, I felt like eating in the under-construction industrial warehouse.. A cool place to hang out, but unfortunately there are no separation for smoking and non-smoking area.. I felt suffocated with the smoke..

And this is their best spot, as stated by one of magazine that we read.. Seems like it's true, it's reserved when we arrived.. You can enjoy the atmosphere on the sidewalk in Paris here..

When it comes to the food, we tried all their best dishes, marked with two stars on the menu..

Started with a Cheese Stuffed Mushroom (27K), baked portobello mushrooms stuffed with minced beef and covered with cream cheese.. Hmm it looks yummy, and so does it tasted..

I ordered a Peach French Toast (27K), two slices of homemade toast served with peach sauce, peach cubes and vanilla ice cream.. The golden crusty toast was crispy on outside, soft and fluffy inside, it really went well with peach and ice cream.. Yummy..

As for E, he ordered a Club Sandwich (39K), the smoked beef topped with fried egg, sliced cheese, melted cheese, and lot of veggies stuffed into two thick breads served with french fries.. What a filling meal, very generous with the ingredients on it and their bread really has a nice texture, fluffy and soft..

I reckon the prices here were pretty reasonable with the taste of food being served, worth every cent.. If you are curious with this place, do drop by..

Sinou Kaffee Hausen
Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 26
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 7258568

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