Saturday, March 20, 2010

Takigawa Resto

Wandering around Panglima Polim area we found this Japanese restaurant on the corner of the street, Takigawa.. Yup, it is the same Takigawa that you can find in some malls.. But I had always wanted to try this Takigawa in Panglima Polim (their 1st branch), coz from the outside their place looks quite unique and attractive for me (sorry I forgot to take the picture)..

Checking out the decor here, they set up the place in minimalist modern style.. The first floor is not spacious enough, but they had three floors here..

They have small sushi bar where you can see the chef prepared it..

The food here is a fusion Japanese cuisine.. Let's give it a try..

Upon the ordering we're served with this compliment, Mashed Potato Salad.. It's quite appetizing for the starter..

We ordered a small portion of Crunch Crunch Roll (39K), sushi rolls stuffed with fried crunch tempura and cucumber topped with grilled unagi/eel.. Like its name "crunch crunch", the crunchy was great, it's so crunchy that you can hear the crackly bite..

I love the fusion sushi combined with a floss, it's a fabulous combination like this Fufu Fafa Rolls (47K), kani sushi roll topped with grilled salmon, floss and tobiko.. We also ordered the small portion, it's simple and that's a generous floss on it.. I loved it.. I think the sushi name here is quite funny yaa..

For those who like spicy as I much as I do, you can have a try at this Tan-Tan Men (55K), Japanese noodle/ramen with sliced chicken and veggies in spicy broth..

The broth was rich and divine, and the ramen was cooked to perfection.. Another kicking factor is the sesame oil, it just added the extra fragrance to the piping hot soup..

Finish? Not yet, we still had this Chicken Okonomiyaki (49K), a savoury Japanese style pancake that is made with a batter, shredded cabbage, other grated veggies, and minced chicken on it.. It's served with a generous dollop of okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes, seaweed, and mayonnaise is drizzled above.. Yummyy..

For the dessert, they give us this fruits and vanilla ice cream as a compliment.. How nice yaa, they served the customer with two compliments..

If you are a Japanese food lover, I think Takigawa is worth to try.. The food is good, the price is still affordable, the place and the service is also pleased..

Takigawa Resto
Jl. Panglima Polim X No. 10
Melawai - Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 7265010

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