Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bebek Bengil

This time I would be introducing the Balinese-style local foods.. We decided to try Bebek Bengil restaurant which is very famous in Bali.. Yup, almost everyone who has been to Bali knew this restaurant, and now they are here in Jakarta situated in The Ubud building in Menteng area..

It's a semi open air dining area with several gazebos in outdoor dining area, nice and really enjoyable..

The place is spacious decorated with wooden furnitures to bring up the Balinese ambiance and I think they have successfully recreated that feeling.. It's a very much welcoming atmosphere here..

This was the first time we had a Balinese food, we didn't have any idea what to order.. The menu is quite various, you also can find some Western influenced dishes here like sandwiches, pastas, and more, but that's not what we looking for..

We started with Sate Lilit Palette (53K), fish, chicken, and beef minced meat on skewers with a strong hint of lemongrass and spices.. Delicious with a taste of smokiness that was delightfully pleasing to the palate.. I did feel that the portion was on the small side, making the price of this dish seem high in comparison, but it tasted good though..

E ordered off their regular menu Nasi Campur Bali - Balinese Mixed Rice (35K), he thought it's the most complete Balinese meal, has every Balinese dishes on it.. Yes he right, it's a steamed white rice with an assortment of Balinese dishes such as slices of marinated shredded chicken, half an egg with chili, fish sate lilit, fried shrimps, peanuts, and shrimp crackers.. Such a filling meal, all dishes tasted great and goes well with steamed rice..

And I ordered Gado-Gado (31K), a mixed vegetables, tofu, and potato with peanut sauce dressing.. The serving was quite a let-down, the peanut sauce is a bit diluted and not tasty enough to my liking.. And I think carrots on gado-gado is a bit weird.. Maybe this is a Balinese style gado-gado, but i still prefer the usual or Betawi style gado-gado hehe..

And this is that you shouldn't miss it, their signature chili Sambal Matah (left) which is the traditional sambal/chili from Bali and made with finely chopped raw shallots, cut chili padi and lemongrass it's really good to eat with all Balinese dishes.. It was fresh and has a spicy bite..

I'm not a fan of duck, so I didn't order their signature dishes which is Bebek Bengil.. But I'm sure this dishes is all customers favorite, since I saw almost every table ordered this bebek bengil.. Bebek bengil is a duck marinated in their special authentic spices and deep fried to crispy perfection.. This is a must order dish here..

Although we didn't try the bebek bengil, but we had a decent experience with Balinese cuisine here.. Definitely a good place where you can taste the authenticity of Balinese cuisine..

Bebek Bengil
The Ubud Building
Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 132
Menteng, Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 3918016/3918091

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